100 ideas for Modern manicure for the summer - current trends best design ideas


The modern woman would never leave her nails without taking the necessary care of them. Beautiful manicure has long been considered an important accent of the whole look, completing any transformation and reflecting the mood and style of each woman or girl. The modern and up-to-date manicure in 2022 is so amazing and diverse that it is easy to get lost in its possibilities. Usually we women want to try all or many designs at once, so when we go for a manicure we are often confused and in the end we do not know exactly what we want. In these cases, we are saved by the ideas you will see in this article. We have specially selected for you the most amazing, current and beautiful designs that you could easily combine not only with your outfit, but also with the occasion or event for which you need a wonderful manicure.

Often in modern manicure 2021-2022, the main role is played by the preparation of the nail itself, high-quality cleaning, removal of the cuticle and polishing the surface with perfect application of a base coat. Modern manicures have long used special ultra-durable gel polishes that allow you to enjoy a beautiful design for up to several weeks. Such durability of manicure still emphasizes the importance of choosing a modern design, so many tend to more flexible and short manicure options, choosing a delicate design and neutral shades. This choice is completely justified, but do not forget about the fashion trends of manicure 2021-2022, which will add spice and uniqueness to your beautiful nails. The most modern manicure 2021-2022 has an incomparable appearance. Many modern techniques and original combinations give birth to new ideas for nail design every day. Modern manicure 2021-2022 does not always depend on the season, such seasonality is more obvious in nail art, when the nails are painted snowflakes, autumn leaves, spring flowers and summer cakes.

Sophisticated hand-painted is one of the modern options for manicure 2022, regardless of technique and plot, always looks chic and original. Everything can become the subject of the drawing: from simple twigs to animated avocados or female portraits. In the most modern manicure from 2021-2022 the combination of several modern coatings and decor can be unlimited. The more complex and rich the design, the brighter and more memorable your manicure will be.

See the brightest novelties in manicure for 2022, which have become trends in nail design:

  • Quail Eggs Design;
  • Liquid metal and drops from Unicorn;
  • Volumetric design;
  • Neon smoke;
  • Inscriptions;
  • Leopard print;
  • Foam design;
  • Neon gradient printing.