35 ideas for red manicure - passion for nails


Red remains one of the favorite and preferred colors for manicure of many ladies. Its numerous nuances allow for countless interesting and attractive ideas. It is skillfully combined with many other colors, which makes it suitable for everyday manicure, as well as for more formal and festive.

Ladies who prefer their nails to be painted red, should know that this is the color of love, passion, fire and blood, which makes it extremely attractive and eye-catching. If you have noticed every time we choose a design or color for your next manicure, we have special and specific preferences for what it should be. This is definitely driven by our current mood and attitude. When you want to have red nail polish, it means that we are currently captivated by strong emotions. For example, if you dress in red and choose this color for your manicure, you will show people around you that you are a person who would not hesitate to make final decisions in the name of success.

Finally, a few curious and little known facts about the color red. It corresponds to the musical note "to". The best day to wear red is Tuesday. The numbers, symbols of red are 1.5 and 7. Zodiac signs - scorpio and ibex, Chinese - horse and snake. If your favorite color is red or you have decided to have your next manicure, look at the photos in the gallery and choose the most suitable idea for you. Recreate it on your nails or show the photo to your manicurist and be irresistible. Which of the ideas did you like the most?

If you have already decided to wear red on your nails, you should know that there are thousands of options for combining this color with other colors. You can also use it in a French or lunar manicure. The combination of red and white is very beautiful when the emphasis is on red. You can paint a variety of geometric shapes or elements, flowers, butterflies on a saturated or bright base. Red manicure is the classic option for a formal dinner or festive event, decorated with stones, gold or silver brocade. The combination of red and black on your nails would be a good solution if you like black evening dresses. You can use red and yellow for everyday, cheerful and summer manicures.