50 fiery ideas for elegant and stylish manicure in red


The amazing property of red is that it catches the eye. If you are about to have an official event or you are invited to the upcoming proms, there is no more suitable color for a manicure than the elegant and stylish red. According to the outfit, this color allows a combination with many others. Pebble decorations or the amazing effect of "broken glass" will make your manicure even more attractive.

Beautiful, well-groomed, long and strong nails - this is every woman's dream. Today, the modern technologies of the beauty industry make it possible to create a beautiful manicure, even for women whose nails are naturally fragile and have an imperfect shape. The masters offer many different services for the care of the skin of the hands and nail plates, as well as construction, coating of gels, varnishes and, of course, decoration. No matter which trends prevail, it will probably always be the case that the red nail design is currently working. At least that's what it looks like from today's point of view. So far, there has not been a single season in which red nails in one form or another are not fashionable. Red manicure with crystals, one of the most beloved types of festive decoration of marigold among girls. Of course, this is quite an extravagant and binding opportunity, but women are able to harmoniously combine even the incompatible. Therefore, such a manicure can be an excellent alternative to bored "modest" shades. Interesting ideas for red manicure with crystals will be an excellent source of inspiration for both masters and girls who want to follow the changing fashion trends. And let others believe that deep red is too challenging, for stylish ladies it can become a real business card.

However, it should be borne in mind that the color red is quite capricious. It looks elegant only if not only your nails, but also your whole hands are perfect. The red color is suitable for all nail shapes. Despite the widespread opinion that the red color looks sophisticated only on long nails, in fact, the red color is perfect for short nails, which extend slightly over the pads of the fingers. Nails painted red have a positive effect on the lady. Once you paint them in this beautiful color, you will feel how you are filled with confidence and your self-confidence of a beautiful and irresistible lady will be on top.

There are many shades of red - poppy, strawberry, burgundy, tile and others. Each lady must determine which shade is hers and suits the look and complexion of the hands. Blondes look very good with light shades of red, and redheads - with tomato red and blood red. Dark hair looks perfect with all shades of red. In the photo gallery we have selected formal, elegant and stylish proposals for red manicure. Take a look at them and choose your perfect finish to your elegant look.

Tell us which shade of red is your favorite?