50 original wedding manicure ideas

Every woman wants to be a bride. Little girls dream of a white dress, like a princess and a beautiful white veil. When you decide on this important step in your life, it is natural to want to be impressive and perfect, you will still be the center of attention. Absolutely all the details are important in the bride's look, even the very small ones that we may not pay attention to in everyday life. The preparations for this day are filled with pleasant feelings and emotions. When the dress, shoes, bag, hairstyle, accessories are chosen, it is time for a manicure. Don't underestimate it! However, it is one of the elements of your beautiful vision that is seen first - we hold the bouquet with our hands, we put the ring on our finger, we also accept congratulations with them, so it is very important that it is in perfect condition.

The bride's wedding style should be beautiful and unique, starting from hairstyles, wedding dresses and to the fingertips… wedding manicure the bride is desirable to make a gentle and refined, harmoniously complementing the whole wedding image in the same style. But still I want to find an exquisite and unique wedding manicure for the bride, which will be unique and beautiful, unlike other types of nail designs. Today we would like to show you the trends of wedding manicure for the bride in 2022, manicure ideas and trends in nail art for newlyweds, secrets and subtleties, which we will try to reveal and show in this review.

In 2022, most brides prefer to shape their nails in almond, square or oval shape of medium length. These layout options suit all colors suitable for wedding manicure - white, soft pink, pastel tones. The most important point for your manicure is to choose the main color that should suit your outfit, and then choose decorations or drawings that match the style or elements of your dress.

You can choose between a gentle French manicure, lunar or manicure with decorations. You may prefer a combined option, it all depends on you and your preferences. Many of the suggestions you will see below can also be used as an idea for bridesmaids. You can change the colors according to your outfit. Whatever you decide, it is important to feel comfortable and like the end result.

To make it easier for you to choose the right manicure for your most important day in your life, we have selected 50 wedding manicure ideas. Take a look at the photos in the gallery and choose the one that will best suit your outfit. Watch the video tutorials, in which you will see options that you will not be able to resist. Remember, one or two days before the wedding to do a trial manicure, this way you will decide whether your chosen design will suit the dress. 

Be smiling, confident and happy on this important day for you!