50 unique ideas for colorful French manicure


French manicure will always be in fashion, whether in the classic white or the specific stripe at the end of the nail is other colors. The transparent base of the nail polish allows each lady to unleash her imagination and decorate to her liking. Very relevant for this season is the combination of French and lunar manicure, as well as the accent of one or two nails with densely varnished base color.
In this article we have tried to select ideas for colorful French manicure suitable for every taste. In the photo gallery you will see both clean designs and more attractive ones with more colors, drawings, decorations with stones, jewelry and more. If you find it difficult to paint, you can use decals to diversify the colorful French manicure or just show the idea of ​​your manicurist, she knows how to make you a unique and fascinating manicure.
The only rule in French manicure is to choose the right colors, if you want an opaque base, it is good to choose a color in the same tone as the strip at the end of the nail, but in a much paler shade. When you do this, decorating ideas will be easy, it is important to keep the synchronicity in the colors so as not to get kitsch.

Yellow remains in vogue every season. It is equally often chosen both in summer and in winter. What better color than yellow to brighten your hands in the summer? Even if the color seems a bit strange idea, we are sure that if you take a risk you will not be disappointed. In the summer when our hands and feet are exposed, manicure becomes a real fashion accessory, and in the spring it brings the long-awaited freshness and pleasure. If yellow does not fit well on your arms and legs or is simply unsuitable for everyday use / business meetings, business dinners, radically different color of clothes /, you can keep the basic shade by changing the range ... for example gold instead of yellow.