70 ideas for a formal spring manicure


Spring is a season that predisposes to more fun, formal dinners, parties, even young people prefer to get married this season. This is because the day is long, the nights warm and the stars bright. Every woman at least once during the summer season and has to choose an elegant formal, summer manicure to complement her look. It often happens that we have chosen the outfit, shoes, hairstyle, jewelry, bag, but we do not hesitate from several design options for nails, and they are the most important element, because first we shake hands with them and drink and drink. on display.

With the advent of warmth and sunshine, I want to change, to bring something unusual, new and interesting to my image and style. This undoubtedly applies to the design of marigold, which lacks tenderness and romanticism. We tried to find inspiring and the best views and examples of manicures in the spring of 2019-2020, which will help transform your usual style, such as decorate it with fine and sweet shades and colors.Stylish and exquisite spring manicure is the predominance of pastel shades that are not too bright, but still warm and colorful. Use delicate and pleasant pink, purple, blue shades, as well as similar tones to perform the most modern manicure spring 2022.

To help you choose a formal spring manicure, we have selected 70 ideas, among which we hope you choose your design. In the photo gallery, you will see a variety of proposals in different colors to make it easier to combine them with your style. Remember that in order for a manicure to look beautiful and elegant, before applying the main color and decorations, you need to take care of the nails by cleaning them from the cuticles and shape them. If you decide to use more than one color, do not overdo it to avoid kitsch. Brocade, gold and silver varnish or paints, use sparingly and sparingly, of course they give formality to the manicure, but when they are selected and combined correctly.

If your outfit has gold or silver elements, you can use brocade or pebbles. Try to assess the degree of formality of the event and the outfit that is suitable for him and then choose the right manicure. Manicure design with the effect of "broken glass" and "cat's eye" is always suitable for an evening formal manicure.

Green is one of the modern colors for 2022, if you have chosen a dress, bag or shoes in this color or there are elements of your vision that match the shades of green and turquoise, see the following ideas.