For beginners - easy ideas for manicure dots

Decorating with dots in a manicure is one of the easiest and most attractive ways to achieve an interesting and beautiful design. The advantage of applying dots is that they can be used to form a variety of shapes - flowers, animals, geometric shapes and many other bizarre and unusual elements. You need two or two things, a point tool, if you don't have one, you can use a toothpick and a dose of imagination. To make a modern and different manicure with the help of painted dots, you do not need to have any skills, you just need to observe the distance and the correct proportions to the surface of the nail plate.

In terms of color manicure with dots can also be very diverse. Even if you use ten colors, you will still achieve an interesting design, as long as you choose the right colors.

It is important to know that when keeping nails short, it is good for the cuticles / cuticles around the nail / to be well cleaned, this way the nail plate looks longer. Suitable shape for short nails is square-oval, almond or rounded shapes. Sharp nails or trapezoids do not fit well due to the shorter length, which loses symmetry and would look unnatural. For the summer, especially for the light sunburn on the skin of the hands, light colors or translucent ones would look very beautiful. The so-called "empty space" manicure is a great choice for short nails. The lunar and French manicure in combination with a denser and neon accent will make your manicure very attractive and specific.

Follow the rule of dark-based light dots and vice versa of light-based dark dots. The size of the points also depends on your views and what exactly you want to achieve. You can combine very large dots to very small ones to complete or complete the drawing.

Also check out the photo gallery to choose your next dot manicure. Did you choose an idea?