Modern manicure ideas that you can not miss

This year's trends allow us to wear a range of modern and fresh colors, both in clothes and in manicure. One of the trendy colors for 2022 – greenery, from shades of blue and pink to yellow, orange and red. In this article, you will see incredibly executed manicure designs that will not only fill us with their freshness, but also help us choose our next type of nails.

The proposals are very diverse, from easy to implement to more difficult and extravagant.

You will see ideas for a modern manicure in the lightest shade of blue. Unobtrusive color that exudes freshness. In the following photos you will enjoy an amazing color combination that will not only charge you with energy, but if you decide to use such a design, you will certainly not go unnoticed.

The proposals in soft, pale pink in combination with white, yellow, green, blue will grab you and you will not be eager to recreate them on your nails.