Nails in the shape of "ballerinas" Coffin Ballerina


Nails in the shape of "ballerinas" Coffin Ballerina

The recently popular shape of Coffin Ballerina nails is interesting and different. Characteristic of it is that the nails must be longer in order to be able to shape properly. If you have hard and healthy nails, you can easily shape with a file "ballerinas", but if your nails are soft and brittle, but still want this shape - build them. Many manicurists resort to building with acrylic to get great long nails, a good basis for amazing designs.

The shape of the nails resembles the ballerina's slippers and hence the name itself. Due to their greater length, many ladies prefer to have such nails at their wedding or formal occasion, in addition to a beautiful dress.

It is quite difficult to give such a shape to natural nails. For this reason, nails are built and lengthened. In addition, the design can be modeled on both gel and acrylic. When creating a C-shape, typical of this type of manicure, it is important to adhere to a certain technique. When modeling, the nail is gripped on both sides in the area outside the nail bed, while the tool is held at an angle of 45º.

You can create such a shape in everyday life, but you need to keep it a little shorter, because there is a risk that it will interfere with some of your activities. If you are a fan of beautiful and stylish manicure, it does not hurt to try to have this shape at least once to enjoy its elegance, at the same time be sure that you will be in step with fashion.

Watch the following video tutorials. The first video will show you how to shape your nails in the shape of Coffin Ballerina. The length of the nail plate may be shorter. After completing the design, open the following videos to see design ideas and how to build such a shape.

The process of making the Pipe form can hardly be called easy, so it requires certain skills and it is better to entrust it to an experienced master. For such nails it is recommended to give preference to light, ethereal designs with the help of gel varnishes in delicate, pastel shades. Glitter and sequins also look spectacular. And, of course, the classic French manicure.