Spring manicure ideas for short nails


A well-made and aesthetically pleasing manicure on long nails looks beautiful and allows for great performance, due to the larger nail surface on which you can paint or decorate. Short nails, in turn, also have many advantages. Not every woman can afford to maintain long nails, especially if they are fragile and brittle. Short nails give the convenience of the smooth performance of daily activities. They can be just as exquisite and beautiful, it is enough to be processed and varnished in a more appropriate way.

Ladies who like long nails or those who prefer to lengthen them, sometimes also need a break. To help you choose a beautiful and suitable manicure for short nails, we have selected 50 manicure ideas that not only look beautiful, modern and stylish, but are also very suitable for the summer season. In the photo gallery you will see ideas that are not very difficult and you can make them yourself at home, there are also more difficult decorations that you could show your manicurist.

It is important to know that when keeping nails short, it is good for the cuticles / cuticles around the nail / to be well cleaned, this way the nail plate looks longer. Suitable shape for short nails is square-oval, almond or rounded shapes. Sharp nails or trapezoids do not fit well due to the shorter length, which loses symmetry and would look unnatural. For the summer, especially for the light sunburn on the skin of the hands, light colors or translucent ones would look very beautiful. The so-called "empty space" manicure is a great choice for short nails. The lunar and French manicure in combination with a denser and neon accent will make your manicure very attractive and specific.

Painted vertical lines will create a visual image of greater length, and the dots will decorate the monochromatic varnish. Geometric shapes can be used on one or two nails, thus you will get at the same time an easy, modern and beautiful manicure. Do not forget the effect of "broken glass", an option that will suit the evening party or your formal dress. The neon colors, as well as the phosphorescent ones, will make you not go unnoticed at the night summer disco.