Spring - scented manicure ideas


In the new season, the modern spring manicure can boast of bright and stylish ideas for nail design in new interpretations of our already familiar techniques. In general, we can say that the spring manicure will be as concise, gentle and restrained. Current shades, charming designs, the use of a minimum of jewelry, glitter and crystals will also serve as proof.

This does not mean that modern manicure in the spring will be boring and not interesting. After all, delicate design in pastel shades, bright turquoise and blue tones, floral motifs, ombre effect and stylish negative cosmic effect in the spring can not but be beautiful.

You can create an exclusive and original spring manicure that you will definitely like and will help you maintain a bright spring mood. Studying the spring design trends of this season, we have selected the 20 brightest and most memorable manicure ideas so that you can choose the most modern and beautiful spring manicure for your nails.

This spring the trend in modern manicure will be light and natural tones. Nude shades and those in pale baby pink are the most versatile way to create an interesting spring nail design. For example, a spring print - floral or abstract - will look great. But the main thing here is that your manicurist can beautifully create a drawing suitable for spring.

Pink is always associated not only with spring, but also with femininity and tenderness, so it is good to have such a manicure at least once in the spring. There are many options: from a classic matte pink nail polish to a glossy design.

Every lady knows that in order to create a modern and stylish image it is necessary not only to regularly update your wardrobe, go to the hairdresser, but also to take care of the skin of your hands. In addition, it is a mandatory element to follow the modern trends in manicure. In this regard, interest in them is constantly growing, and master manicurists tirelessly create new, innovative designs that never cease to amaze with creativity and original appearance. Spring is the season when we take off our gloves and of course we want to look fresh and stylish like never before. In this article we will introduce you to the latest and most modern designs for spring manicure 2022, as well as the main colors and decorations that are used to create it.If you are hesitant in choosing the length and shape of the nails, the main trend this spring comes to the rescue - naturally and naturally again. The variety in this regard is great, but the main focus is on the oval shape of the nails. She is perfect and has been a leader for several seasons. Let's not forget the favorite almond shape of medium length nails, which is also relevant this spring. Fans of more creative solutions can choose between square and square-oval nails that look fresh and interesting with any kind of design.

The best types of floral nail designs this year are not only our familiar images of flowers, but also twigs, plant patterns, buds and leaves in different variations and directions. Incredible luxury models of whole color combinations, unusual daisies, delicate tulips, lilies, snowdrops and calla lilies, as well as many interesting ideas for color nail design 2022 in different styles will delight and inspire beautiful ladies this season.

The amazing nail art with flowers is relevant all year round during the spring-summer period, as well as in autumn and winter, you can make laconic and stylish nail art with flowers in different and suitable for the respective color range. Various techniques are used to create modern floral art, which can both complement each other and allow you to make an irresistible floral manicure 2022 in a certain nail style.