Top 100 most popular manicures for spring 2022

Top 100 most popular manicures for spring 2022

Colorful, neon, sparkling, sunny, shiny there are dozens of definitions for spring manicure 2022 and none of them is boring. Warm spring days predispose to fresh and saturated colors not only in clothes and shoes, but also in manicures. It is especially pleasant to feel when we have a spring weekend in nature or a light spring party and we want to look perfect from head to toe manicure. In this article we have selected 100 amazing spring manicure ideas, which of them to choose for sure your manicure will not go unnoticed. Even if you do not have artistic abilities, you can always bet on a combination of colors and shapes so that your hands look nice and fresh in tune with spring.

Manicure with gel polish has gained great popularity in recent years. Where once this type of manicure was available only in beauty salons, now every second lady prefers to do it at home. The advantage is that it is durable and allows a wide variety of decorations and drawings. Shine and greater nail density are the other advantages of gel polish. Gel polish manicure ideas are many and varied. Unlike ordinary nail polish, matte top gel nail polish creates an amazing nail polish that we can enjoy for a long time. Manicure with gel polish is suitable for any length and shape of the nail plate. In the photo gallery we have selected different ideas for spring manicure. Here you will find for every taste, style and occasion. If you find any of the ideas difficult, show it to your manicurist and you will enjoy an amazing and elegant spring manicure for a long time. Did you choose the next spring manicure?

One of the modern colors this year is blue with all its shades from dark blue to navy, sky blue. This color is suitable for both short and long nails of different shapes. If you like blue and have short nails, it is good to choose lighter shades and combine with other colors, such as white, yellow, baby pink, purple. A variety of drawings - flowers, butterflies, seascapes, would give your manicure identity and luxury.

Pink shades are also relevant this season. Baby pink would go great with the light sun sugar your hands have, and cyclamen would make your manicure stand out. Not to forget the amazing French manicure, which would stand very gently in combination with an almost transparent pink base. The ombre effect is a very successful option when combining several shades of pink, even white. The overflow of cyclamen, light, dark pink and white, creates incredible tenderness.

Bright and saturated colors are unique for spring manicure. One of them is the yellow color. It can be combined with many other colors to create contrast and a sunny mood. Keep in mind that bright neon yellow makes the complexion of your hands an idea darker.

Neon and fluorescent nail polishes, which glow in the dark, are especially suitable for spring party evenings. With their help you can not get lost in the dark, the eyes will always be on you.

Enjoy the great suggestions for a hot spring manicure and experiment.