Top 50 Gentle Flower Manicure Ideas

Flowers, these are some of the most beautiful ideas for decorating a manicure. They can be small or large, on the whole nail or only at one end. Their huge variety of colors not only impresses and attracts the eye, but creates a pleasant fresh and summer mood. If you choose a manicure with flowers you can not go unnoticed.

White French manicure can look impressive and attractive if you paint on one or two nails small delicate roses, for example. For ladies who want to quickly get flowers on a manicure, they can use decals.

Whether you choose a bright and memorable floral nail design or the most gentle and elegant manicure with flowers, you will surely be able to enjoy a wide variety of colors after viewing our collection of photos. The trends this season for spring manicure 2022 are bright and saturated: some manicurists offer us a simple flower design, without unnecessary and complicated drawings - the so-called minimalist nail art with flowers. Other masters will surprise you with nail design solutions with intricate and exciting flower manicure ideas, which sometimes look like paintings or compositions in the most amazing execution. Such an amazing floral manicure is often performed with various decorative elements in the form of foil, rubbing, potal, crystals, unicorn tear and much more.

In the photo gallery we have selected different color and difficulty ideas for flower manicure. If you want, you can try to recreate them on your nails at home, and if your favorite idea seems difficult, show it to your manicurist.

The best types of floral nail designs this year are not only our familiar images of flowers, but also twigs, plant patterns, buds and leaves in different variations and directions. Incredible luxury models of whole color combinations, unusual daisies, delicate tulips, lilies, snowdrops and calla lilies, as well as many interesting ideas for color nail design 2022 in different styles will delight and inspire beautiful ladies this season.

The execution of drawings of flowers on the nails is done with a brush. To create a floral manicure 2022, experts use gel varnishes, watercolors or gel paints. Complex and deep drawings are created in several stages, which provides an excellent result and exceptional beauty of a manicure with flowers. The most popular and sought after spring manicure 2022 will be the design of flower nails through the three-dimensional technique with various rubs, wet manicure, stained glass technique. Modern color manicure "air flowers" creates an incredibly gentle and romantic spring mood on the nails, which you will surely like.