35 Trendy Green Nails for 2022 - hit for spring-summer 2022


35 Trendy Green Nails for 2022 -hit for spring-summer 2022

Fashionable green manicure is a hit of this season. Juicy shades of green beat records in clothing collections, and the proposals of manicure masters do not lag behind them. What green manicure will be the most relevant this season? A beautiful green manicure looks original even in monochrome. 

The most popular colors of the season are neon green, shades of mint, olives and young greens. The most popular shades of the new season: refreshing green - the color of young greenery. The noble shade itself looks very elegant. If you want to add some sparkle, use glittery décor items like silver or gold foil;

small and large rhinestones and pebbles; chains and rings; vintage jewelry; details imitating pearls; glitter, rub, sequins, confetti, yuca flakes. Reflective gel polish is a cutting-edge novelty in the nail industry. It consists of special particles that give an incredible radiance only under artificial lighting: under the rays of an ultraviolet lamp, with the flash of a phone or camera. The principle of applying reflective gel polish on nails is no different from working with conventional coatings: it is enough to apply a base, and then 1-2 layers of the chosen color. It is best to cover the manicure with a glossy top that will emphasize the shine.

Restrained French manicure in green tones will fit into any look. In 2022, choose these green jacket options: graphic jacket.