Best Summer 2022 Nail Trends


Best Summer 2022 Nail Trends
Best Summer 2022 Nail Trends

In 2022, you will find unexpected twists in the world of fashion, beauty and manicure, including new colors for nail polishes. Pastels or nudes won't come as a big surprise for the spring/summer season, but a wave of blues or a "Very Peri" craze will create a real buzz that we'll see everywhere.

Blue and all shades of blue
In 2022, we will see a wave of blues – from cobalt to turquoise – that will be used to decorate nails or as a base color. The king of the palette is periwinkle. Pantone's Color of the Year is a versatile spring/summer choice that suits all skin types. Another favorite of 2022 is cornflower. This bold blue is a great choice for those who mostly wear a neutral wardrobe.
Very Peri
When Pantone named Very Peri the color of the year, the internet went crazy for the sweet shade. The number of purchases of lilac nail polish has increased hundreds of times, and therefore in the summer of 2022 it will be everywhere. Elegant, delicate, with lighter or darker shades, it will become the basis of your manicure this year. And not only in spring and summer, but also in autumn.
Very Peri is set to create a fun splash on your nails. The "daring" blue-violet combination is said to inspire creativity and ingenuity. Well, this is a great reason to go to the salon.

The best nail trends in the summer of 2022 are both gentle, arched, natural, they all create an extraordinary beauty and elegance of nails 2022. Check them out!