100 modern ideas for manicure in blue


The blue color is most often associated with the sea, sky, purity, freedom, air and truth. We are facing the best season of the year, so it is good to think about the design of summer manicure 2022. Blue manicure this season is one of the most preferred options for spring manicure 2022, because this color brings a unique spring freshness when selected in its lighter shades.

Experts say that the supporters of the blue are self-confident, in good mental and physical condition, they know what they want and how to achieve it. The variety of blue shades allows you to experiment with decorations, colors and combinations. Elegant manicure 2022 can be achieved easily using the color blue. Combine with pebbles, sequins and of course white nail polish. Dark blue, for example, combines very well with orange or yellow. 

Light shades of blue are combined perfectly with white or even black. For everyday manicure you can use neutral blue in combination with white or transparent elements. Last but not least, a blue French manicure 2022, can perfectly decorate nails 2022, so as to give a serene look to any lady. Very suitable combinations of blue color in manicure 2022 are the decorations with flowers, creating a wonderful spring mood.

Blue in combination with white or yellow will create a sunny mood in the people around you, especially if it is combined with the appropriate outfit in this tone. Let's not forget the French manicure, where the white strip replaced by a deep, sky blue color will draw attention to your nails. The blue color can be combined perfectly with turquoise, baby pink, fuchsia, cyclamen, gold, silver, orange.