66 Bright Neon Nail Designs 2022


Preparing for the summer season, you should definitely look at the best options for manicure 2022 to find the most suitable design. The fashion trends of summer manicure are undoubtedly diverse, demonstrating different bright styles created with the help of original techniques. The modern styles in nail design 2022 summer are:

  • summer manicure with playful neon gel polishes and original drawings, patterns and stickers depicting fruits, cake, ice cream, flowers, balloons, etc .;
  • marine style is a wonderful kind of summer manicure: a combination of white, blue and red varnishes, complemented by images of anchors, waves and shells, will incredibly decorate the wonderful summer art in manicure;
  • glitter, rubbing and pebbles will turn your chosen summer manicure into an incredibly beautiful, elegant and refined, which will also be sought after in the summer;
  • matte finish and sweet bright pastel shades, minimalist motifs and always modern French manicure, ombre and lunar manicure for summer.

The 2022 summer manicure, demonstrated by master manicurists, will appeal to many girls because it is so diverse and versatile that it can satisfy the needs of every lady.

This year in the summer manicure 2022 will be fashionable combinations of bright coatings in pink and yellow, pink and blue, yellow and nude, turquoise and yellow shades of gel polish in bright and neon shades applied to different nails. Another bright trend in manicure will be emphasizing the thumb with a pattern on a neutral background. You can draw stars, hearts, make inscriptions as an accent. In each case, it is worth paying attention to the technique of execution. The best techniques used by manicurists to create a bright summer manicure 2022 are: matte neon manicure, "cobweb" and "brush strokes", the effect of "quail eggs" or "spray paint", French and bright manicure with unusual holes, as well as a wonderful gradient manicure in a bright design. Decorative elements and decorations in the form of foil, glitter, pearl rubbing, multicolor monochrome bright finish, confetti and crystals will make the nails refined and elegant. There are many options for modern bright decor for summer.

Looking for the best bright summer manicure ideas 2022? We have collected amazing designs especially for you in the form of photos in our selection. They are all modern, hot and bright and can be used both in everyday life and for a formal event or for an evening summer party on the beach. See them ....