Easy ideas for figured manicure


Manicure design with figural elements is easy to implement. Ladies who want to create beautiful nails and do not have artistic abilities, can take advantage of the opportunity easily and with the help of handy materials to create a beautiful vision of their nails. The variety of elements allows you to unleash your imagination and decorate to your liking.

The easiest shapes you can draw on your nails are dots and lines. A simple straight line in the middle of the nail, in a contrasting color from the main one, would create the originality of your manicure. With the help of cut out figures from plain paper tape, you could also make a fantastic design. The choice of colors is important. Combine varnishes or in contrasting colors or similar shades. Sometimes an overly colorful manicure creates a sense of kitsch. 

This season's modern manicure with empty spaces could also be combined with figural elements. In the following photos we have tried to select ideas for different nail lengths, as well as for different tastes and occasions. It is important to create your manicure with desires and imagination. If you like a figurative motif that is more difficult to perform, you can show it to your manicurist.