101 bright ideas for manicure on square nails


101 bright ideas for manicure on square nails
101 bright ideas for manicure on square nails

Fashion trends, including in the field of manicure, change almost every season. Designers keep coming up with new decors and nail shaping techniques. Before you create the perfect design for you, you need to think about proper nail plate shaping. There are timeless shapes and one of them is the square one. Forming nails in the form of square and its variations.

Square nails have some limitations. They don't look good on all hand and finger shapes. If your daily activity is mostly related to working with your hands, then this form is not suitable. You can use a soft square. The soft square features rounded corners and is much more convenient for everyday manicure. On semi-square nails, you can do many different nail designs. This shape is also suitable for a colorful French manicure. A black base with a gold or silver smile line is an ideal design for a square nail shape.

For an official manicure, the combination between an oval or almond shape of the nails and a classic rectangle is very often used. This design is called "ballerina" because there is a similarity of the outer outlines of the shape with slippers on the feet of ballerinas. Recently, the curved version of the manicure, which is performed on elongated nails, is becoming more and more popular. Its main feature is that the square shape is not made on a straight profile, but on a curved one in the form of an arch. This design gives the nails strength and practicality in use. When they grow back, they look more aesthetic and elegant overall.

The oval shape of square nails, narrowed on the sides, is a convenient implementation of the square, which is loved by many. It looks especially good on short nails and medium length nail plates. If you consider that this shape does not interfere with your daily activities, you can easily turn it into a unique nail design. It looks wonderful on delicate thin fingers and will be an excellent option for a manicure. 

Square nails look best on aristocratic thin and elegant ladies' fingers with an elongated nail bed. The best length is medium. For ladies who have big and fleshy short fingers, this shape is not suitable. Square nails should also not be worn by women who have short and wide nails, or widening from the base to the tip in the shape of a fan. Those ladies whose nails are very weak and thin by nature are also not good to choose the square shape of the nails, as well as ladies with a short nail bed. For girls with too thin fingers, it is also not recommended.

As you can see, such a simple and popular form is quite demanding. In addition to the selection according to the proportions and properties of the nail, you should pay attention to the lifestyle. Square nails have sharp corners. They tend to cling to everything and break away. Therefore, if you lead a fairly active lifestyle or work with your hands, this form on natural nails will not work for you. If you really like square elegant nails, but it’s not possible to make them for one of the above reasons, you should apply a few tricks. The shape of the rectangle has several varieties with edges of varying degrees of roundness. They are chosen by women who cannot afford a classic square. They look no less impressive, and are more practical to wear.

A large role in creating the right manicure is played by the harmony of the combination of the shape of the nails and their color design. Proper design will also help hide imperfections in the shape of the nails and visually correct the geometry of the fingers. Therefore, owners of hands and fingers that are not quite suitable for such a manicure should not despair. Properly calibrated softened geometry and a good design will help you enjoy your favorite type of manicure.

Take a look at the following pictures and enjoy unique ideas for square nails.