101 Stunning Coral Nail Design Ideas


Coral is a universal color. Its palette includes light and saturated tones. The original color combines muted red, juicy orange and a delicate pink tone. Such an abundance of colors makes the coral versatile. The brightest shades of this color are: peach orange, bright coral with an orange tint, pink-red, red-coral, pink-orange coral and bright rusty coral. The uniqueness of the coral color is that regardless of its cold or warm shades, it is a chameleon color. Each different variant of coral color can take on a different color under different lighting. Bright coral nail design is suitable for women of different ages. It does not age a woman and looks harmonious on nails 2022 of different lengths and shapes.

The bright coral color is capricious when combined with other colors. Particular attention should be paid when using contrasting tones. Specialists in nail art offer the following color combinations, including a bright coral color: white and silver, white and black, gold, deep blue, yellow, turquoise, beige, gray, light green and black and related other coral shades. A bright coral manicure can also be successfully combined with a shiny texture.

There are many ideas for a coral color manicure, it is important for you what you like and the reason for which you create your manicure. If you have a summer holiday at the sea, it is good to use the watermelon color in the manicure in combination with blue or yellow in bright shades. In this way, you will achieve uniqueness and freshness, so suitable for the sea. Pedicure can be with one-color varnish of the selected shades, drawing a juicy piece of watermelon with black seeds in the middle on the thumb. If you need a manicure for a party or the summer disco, you can try bright neon varnishes or reflective products. In any case, you will have a unique manicure with a bright coral color.

Enjoy the following 101 bright coral nail design ideas and choose yours.