Video Tutorials: 12 Magical Nail Designs - How Nail Color Affects Destiny


Just as in the colors of clothes we choose the right world every day, so we should do the same with the nails. Correctly selected colors in their design will ensure favorable events in your life. This is believed by many women who apply color magic in manicure.

Nails should be painted in certain colors - it all depends on the numbers in a woman's life. Nail colors can be used to enhance various aspects of your life. Since the energy passing through the fingers is concentrated and embodied in something material, proper nail care will help to project it in the right direction, in accordance with the principles of the chakras. Nail color literally affects fate.

Red color is needed to give strength and energy, changing life for the better. This magical manicure gives durability and permanence. Thanks to it, new ideas are visited much more often. In addition, red is the best defender against dark forces.

Orange is the companion of creative people, it also causes a pleasant feeling of high spirits and inspiration.

The yellow color of the Sun is needed by those working in a wide society. It helps to establish connections and restore them, reminding that everyone lives under the same sun, and people are not so different. Yellow will overcome feelings of frustration and tension. For those who wish to find a true partner, the green color of the manicure, which is responsible for love, is suitable.

Green also has a calming effect, it helps to restore mental balance and health. The bright green color of the nails affects the ability to focus on important details. It returns the energy of youth and helps to bring the matter to the end.

The blue color of manicure helps to understand yourself and your life goals, to achieve your dreams and the necessary ideal. With the help of blue, it will be easier for a person to contact higher powers and fall under their protection and influence. The blue color is aimed at developing magical abilities and foresight, a connection with the cosmic principle. Also used for healing and physical soothing.

Blue-blue color will help those who want to become famous or achieve heights, it gives optimism and adaptability.

Black manicure is the color of mysticism, power and superiority, magic. People with this color and the sea are knee-deep. Moreover, you can calculate the most suitable color by age or date of birth. If the age is 42, then this is the number 6 (4 + 2). In the same way, you can add the numbers of the date of birth.

Correspondence of colors and numbers is given in the table. It is the numbers and their mysticism that provide proper nail care, the expert believes.

The following video will show you 12 magical designs that use all the colors. It remains for you to choose what you want to change in your life for the better and apply the color magic in the manicure.