Video Tutorials: 12 Trendy Nail Designs - Modern Nail Ideas


There is no better canvas to paint on than our nails. Regardless of the length or shape, there is always a suitable drawing or element that you could recreate on your manicure. In the following pictures, we have selected both easier drawings and more complex ones. You can choose and offer your manicurist to recreate this beauty.

If you like and prefer simpler elements, draw lines or ornaments. They are very suitable as an accent on one or two nails. They look especially beautiful in combination with the main color you have chosen, drawn on a transparent, semi-transparent or light base. It would be nice if you use the reverse option as well. a light base color with a dark accent. The fastest option for beautiful, at the same time stylish nails is a combination of ornaments of different types and sizes. They usually look good when one color is used as a base, and the designs are placed on one or two fingers.

Flowers are one of the most preferred designs on the nails. Their huge variety of shapes and designs, combinations and colors attract ladies, regardless of whether they want to have a casual or formal manicure. If you also like these incredibly gentle beauties, choose your next manicure from our suggestions in photos. Regardless of fashion trends and seasons, the color red is always in fashion. Red nails look great on any shape and length of the nail plate, and the drawings on them add originality to the manicure.

Painting on the nails is not only a pleasure, even if sometimes not perfectly done, but also a pleasant sight for the eyes. There are so many options and themes that there is no way to list them. We suggest you to look at the rest of the ideas for painted nails 2022 and choose your next manicure.

We offer you several video tutorials on how to beautify your nails with an interesting and attractive drawing. Remember to pay attention to the small details, sometimes they are the most important.