Video Tutorials: 15 Stunning Painted Nail Designs


In recent years, manicure has rather become a work of art designed to emphasize the individuality of ladies. Nail designers never tire of impressing us with their imagination. Each season has many interesting and specific options for decoration, but drawings continue to lead the list of the most popular designs.

Drawings on the nails this year differ in variety and originality. Both tried and tested decorations and new designs that are gaining popularity will be fashionable.

When choosing a manicure, first of all, you should pay attention to the color range, because this determines both your style and the perfect finish of your outfit. Current colors that will dominate are natural, light and natural. Soft pastel shades, such as peach, pink, beige, vanilla, milk, sand, lavender, can be used during the warm months of the year. The two leading colors this year are yellow and gray. Countless variations can be decorated with their help.

The dark and saturated shades that are preferred for the colder months also have a natural character - raspberry, burgundy, terracotta, chocolate, cherry, plum, eggplant, violet, black and others. When it comes to a themed manicure, of course things are different. For example, for a wonderful Christmas and New Year's manicure, you can choose a combination of green and red, blue with gold or silver, blue and white and others. The spring manicure will be distinguished by brighter and more colorful decorations. Flowers, butterflies, strawberries, raspberries, fruits, ladybugs, different types of animals and many others will delight the eye in spring and summer. For autumn, of course, choose an idea with darker color combinations - the traditional autumn leaves, acorns, hedgehogs and cones.