50+ Modern Ideas for Everyday Gentle Nail Design


In the era of abundant colors, new trends and attractive designs, sometimes you want something simple and natural. In recent years, ladies have returned to naturalness in everything related to appearance: make-up in natural shades, not too flashy clothes and, of course, natural manicure. We must not forget that a lady in order to look good must take care of her natural appearance.

There are many nuances of natural manicure. Beige, cream or caramel varnish are universal colors. They look beautiful and elegant on nails of different lengths, emphasizing the tenderness and sophistication of the hands. They can be combined with almost all colors. They are suitable for complementing with various decorative elements. The light peach shade is a naughty and playful color, suitable for spring and summer manicure. Perfectly highlights the complexion. Pink, baby pink and pale pink are classic colors for a natural manicure. A delicate, discreet, innocent color that will emphasize your beauty and romance.

The universal classic French manicure with different types of decor from one to a maximum of two nails does not leave the list of fashion trends. Designs with geometric and abstract motifs, floral and animalistic themes of pattern drawings are no less relevant. Also among the fashionable manicure options are a discreet gradient, asymmetry and airbrushing, matte finish, the use of shiny decor (mirror rub, foil, confetti). As a modern base varnish for a gentle summer manicure or autumn manicure, it is good to choose several nude tones of gel varnish. For example, smoky shades of gray, caramel and pearl tones, discreet lavender, light purple and peach shades, as well as pastel variants of blue and pink. Unequivocal leaders are the entire rich palette of beige and nude colors. A monophonic manicure made in nude shades of varnish is a great option that is suitable for nails of any length and shape, as well as universal and suitable for different styles of clothing.

Modern nude manicure looks flawless, giving elegance and sophistication to women's hands, whether they have short nails or long, square, oval or almond-shaped nails. Nude shades are a rather broad concept that includes a large number of beige tones. Most often these are neutral and

natural shades that are close to the natural color of the skin. In this regard, such a design does not stand out much and they look as natural as possible. In addition, modern nude manicure looks stylish and elegant, it often becomes the choice of business ladies, celebrities and many celebrities. The leading techniques in modern nude manicure are presented in different ways - from classic moon and French manicure, ombre and gradient, to intriguing marble design, "spider design", embossing and manicure with stickers. It is important to remember that each of these techniques is very rarely used alone, most often nude manicure is a combined design that combines several modern techniques at once. Nude manicure is a perfect solution for everyday or business manicure, with unobtrusive floral patterns or minimalist design. If we are talking about a festive nude manicure, then crystals and shiny decor in the form of confetti, foil, shiny threads or other decorative elements will be more appropriate here.

When you want to create a delicate design, you should pay attention to the color you use. Manicure in light shades includes the choice of pastel tones. The most popular delicate shades are: light coffee, peach, cream, pale yellow, light lilac, white, light green, violet and pale blue.

In addition, floral motifs, minimalism and geometric elements will beautify and diversify the design. An ethereal design is also chosen taking into account the individual preferences and characteristics of the nails, namely the shape, length and fragility.

There are several techniques that can be used to create delicate and ethereal manicure designs:

The ombre technique - such a design can be done in two ways: with a sponge or a brush. Here, an important point is to choose colors that are similar to each other or to choose one main color and several of its shades. If you use a brush, it should be processed so that the bristles are thinned with each other. The haircut is done transversely. In the sponge application method, you can use a piece of household cloth, but the first application should be on foil or a piece of paper to avoid bubbles forming on the nail. This technique achieves gentle iridescent colors and an ethereal effect.

Check out the following ideas for everyday gentle nail designs. We hope they fill you with pleasant emotions.