70+ Autumn Manicure Ideas Green Nail Art


Green manicure is a hit in nail design this year. Shades of green are breaking records in clothing collections, and the proposals of manicure masters are not far behind them. What green manicure will be the most relevant this season? This is what you will find out today in our article, as well as see unique and stylish ideas for green manicure.

A beautiful green manicure looks original even in a monochrome color. The most popular colors of the season are dark green, shades of mint, olive and milky green shades.

The green palette looks great on short nails. If you want to visually lengthen wide nails, do a dark green manicure, but for narrow nail plates it is better to choose light shades. As for the design, French manicure, vertical drawings and - in a small amount - glitter are suitable.

Almost anything is suitable for long nails - from a simple bright green manicure to a combination of several techniques and designs. The main thing is not to get carried away and not to forget about a sense of proportion.

The black and green manicure looks spectacular and bold. Green manicure with a white pattern is one of the most popular solutions, but not the only one. Stylists suggest applying white polish on one or two nails, "diluting" the green color with it, using it in a gradient manicure or to create a colorful French manicure.

The green color is multifaceted, which affects the saturation of its shades. Whether it has a more neutral tone to it, brown or blue, it looks special. There are many shades of green: light green, neon green, teal, bright malachite, pistachio, yellow-green, emerald, jade, sea green, coniferous green, green-turquoise dark, lime green, gray-green, rich mint, green apple, dark olive and others. Each one of them, however, suits the average length and shape of the nails. The darker the color on short nails, the more chic they look. For long nails, it is good to choose light green shades. All these shades of green can be successfully combined in a fabulous autumn manicure. For autumn, combinations of dark turquoise and orange ocher are suitable, this is a unique color combination for autumn nail design.

It will be very sophisticated for your next autumn manicure if you choose a green French manicure, on which, using one color of varnish, cover the base with a matte finish, and the tip of the nail /band/ with gloss. Naturally, you can enrich the decoration of pebbles at the base of the nail, but do not overdo it, it is enough to refresh only one or two nails.

The mastery of a rich palette of color shades is on par with other achievements of human civilization. Color is a subjective characteristic, based on individual human sensations. The boundaries between colors are not clear, these are smooth transitions with many shades. The colors mint and turquoise are intermediate shades between blue and green. When you're choosing a color for your next fall manicure, you've probably asked yourself what exactly is the difference between these two shades. The turquoise color resembles the color of the turquoise gemstone from which it gets its name, it is defined as a deep blue with a slight light green tint. The mint color is associated with the mint plant, but does not correspond directly to its color. Mint color shows a mixture of emerald green with a whitish pale blue. This is a light, but at the same time quite bright green with a cool bluish tint. Psychologists claim that the human perception of the mint color is associated with a feeling of cool natural freshness (ice, water, grass in the dew).

Recently, a very popular manicure is the so-called "inverted French manicure", which differs from the classic version in the place where the smile is drawn. If in the traditional version it is located on the edge of the nail in its upper part, then in the reverse French it is in the cuticle area. A unique design will be obtained if you use a rich mint color supplemented with glitter for the smile area, and the nail is varnished in milky white.

You can experiment with green color by combining dark and light shades of it. If you like a light green as a base, you can paint or decorate over it with a dark green tone. It is also quite easy and successful if you focus on one or two

nail with light green or neon green, and the others in dark green. Another extremely successful combination is green and white. These two colors create a feeling of freshness and purity, they stand very elegantly both for everyday manicure and with appropriate decoration, for example from stones or brocade, they can turn into an extremely attractive official manicure. On the other hand, dark green tones look very good in combination with rich yellow, ideal for autumn manicure 2022. Last but not least is the extremely suitable combination for the autumn season of green and rich shades of orange, which fill with optimism during the rainy season.