77 Best Nail Art ideas for short nails - modern designs


Some women simply cannot maintain long nails due to the specifics of their profession (for example, doctors) or because the nail plate is thin and breaks easily. That's why short nails continue to take a leading position by developing new and relevant nail designs, including short and ultra-short nails. Personally, I don't like it when the nail is cut "to the flesh". But too long nails, in my opinion, are not very convenient in the life of an ordinary woman who works and keeps a home. I prefer the exposed tip of the nail to be no more than 2-3 mm. It is a practical, comfortable length and most designs look appropriate and beautiful on short nails.

The coating in light pastel shades is especially suitable, this varnish does not contrast with the skin color, fingers and nails look longer. If you choose nude tones, make sure that they are in harmony with your skin tone: for warm skin tones - peach and beige, for cold ones - lilac and cold pink.

  • Contrary to prejudice, short nails can look very elegant without interfering with your daily duties. Follow simple rules so that short nails attract admiring glances:
  • Choose the shape that suits the shape of the hands. For long fingers - square, for short - "ballerina" or almond, for thin - round.
  • Don't be afraid of light and dark nail polish.
  • Don't use too much decor.
  • Try a matte finish.
  • If you choose a French manicure, prefer the ombre option. Use longitudinal, not transverse members.

For the design of short nails, you can use both dark and light compositions. A combination of two or three shades is allowed. If you use more, you may overdo it and spoil the manicure. Nude and pastel shades are especially popular for short nails.

Manicure for short nails can emphasize the beauty of delicate hands and the femininity of the entire image of any lady, so short length should not be treated as a disadvantage. Today there are many manicure techniques that are designed for short nails. Among them there are gentle and elegant options for romantic natures, bright and catchy solutions for scandalous lovers, restrained and laconic for office ladies.

French manicure. A delicate French manicure is a classic. A trend that seems to be on the list of the most popular and common designs in manicure will always be in fashion. The technique invented by the American Jeff Pink made him famous and gave women a universal manicure.

If you have short nails and you're into something dark, dark glitter is a good choice. Geometric white lines combined with glitter polish on a dark background will make your nails look exquisitely elegant. A good solution is also a depiction of a night, moonlit sky. Stripes applied along the length of the nail create a visual lengthening of the manicure, which is a good advantage for short nails.

Black nails may seem too banal to you. That's why you should add some white lines for variety of this design. If you don't want to overdo it, leave two nails completely black.

The exquisite pattern of a cold elegant stone looks great not only on long, but also on short nails. In this case, it is best to use either the classic gray-white or pink options. Marble manicure always looks noble and stylish. If the colors are too faded, you can complement the pattern with glitter, foil or gel polish with a metallic effect.

Moon manicure. This is a rather interesting technique called reverse French. Unlike the classic French manicure, the design is focused not on the free edge, but on the nail bed. It is covered with a white composition or transparent gel varnish, decorated with glitter, foil strips, confetti, yuki flakes, rubbing, acrylic powder, tiny crystals.

Lilac color remains one of the leaders in manicure this year. It has become a trendy color, so it's no surprise that women like it so much. You can wear it matte, shiny or with a bit of sparkle. Either way, your nails will look amazing no matter what you choose.

On short nails, as we have already said, both gentle, nude shades and bright tones will look good. It all depends on how you design the design and what your vision is at any given time. For example, for a daily manicure on short nails, a monochromatic coating with light and calm tones is enough, but for an evening manicure, deeper and saturated shades are suitable. In addition, an experienced manicurist can create the same decorations on short nails as he would on long ones.

When we talk about a modern manicure on short nails in 2022, the design with a drawing comes to the fore. Since the area on which nails can be decorated is scarce, with nails of shorter length, manicurists rely on the minimalist style with neat and uncomplicated elements.

Simple and natural shapes combined with pale or beige shades look very natural. If your nails are short, it's a good idea to avoid white polish (especially if you have dark skin). Sometimes dark and dense, saturated colors visually shorten the nail. If you like white color, it is good to stop at lighter and transparent shades.

The simplest and easiest design for short nails remains the monochromatic coating. When using bright, saturated colors, short nails are preferred. With long nails, these shades can create a visual sense of vulgarity. For fashionable spring manicure for short nails 2022 is the purple color. It can be in all shades: from lavender to dark purple, although we recommend taking a closer look at the lilac color with a cold undertone, as close as possible to the color of Very Peri for this year. If you are not ready to experiment, then classic red, deep burgundy or nude are your colors.