77 Best Nail Ideas Blue


If blue with its million shades is among your favorite colors and you want to create a mood for yourself and those around you, choose an idea from our photo suggestions. We offer you stylish ideas on the topic "modern trends in manicure 2022-2023" - photos of blue manicure, novelties, trends, which are presented in more detail in the article below.

The sophisticated blue manicure stylishly combined with a denim outfit will help you create the best fashion combinations for a flawless look. The square shape of the nails looks perfect with a blue manicure, and the combination with oval nails is also beautiful and current.

The blue French manicure is the perfect combination of blue nail polish and a white "smile", you can also use it in the opposite version. Modern blue french manicure on oval nail shape looks very gentle and sweet, on the other hand, square shaped nails combined with blue french would look stylish and are a solution for everyday or office events.

You can very easily turn the most ordinary blue nail design into an amazing one using sequins, stickers, decals, gold or silver strips. Fascinating nail ideas blue with silver and gold are shown below - this is a moon manicure with a blue hole and golden camouflage elements, a blue matte manicure with a gold frame, blue with a golden triangular hole and many other options.

Shades of blue occupy a leading position in nail art in all seasons. Along with red, this deep and saturated color is considered a classic that can completely transform your nails. A rich palette of shades will allow you to choose the best color combination for your skin type. Luxurious blue manicure looks great with different styles: office-business, solemn, romantic, casual and at the peak of popularity - denim. Let's take a look at the following amazing suggestions for trendy blue nail designs that remain in trend this year as well.

Dark blue nail design has not gone out of fashion in the last few years. The dark blue nail design is starting to gain popularity as a classic manicure. The variety of shades of dark blue allows to create bright dark combinations or lighter ones. The symbolism of the dark blue color is power, firmness, strength and steadfastness. According to feng shui, the color blue is a great choice for meditation, it also instills a sense of mystery and opens our minds, allowing us to feel independent. All this makes the dark blue manicure very popular among ladies with a bold and determined character.

In order for a manicure to look beautiful, it is first of all important that it is matched with the skin tone of the hands. For this reason, different shades of dark blue suit different types of women. Representatives of the cold color type are recommended to choose coatings in tones from the cold blue palette: sapphire, indigo, blueberry, cobalt, electric blue, dark azure. For ladies with a warmer skin tone, dark turquoise, deep blue and blue-gray are suitable. These shades of blue look very elegant and harmonize well with many other colors. An equally important role in choosing a shade of blue in the manicure is the length of the nails. Delicate shades of dark blue are suitable for longer nails, and sapphire and amethyst will look harmonious on short nails.

According to nail art designers, dark blue varnish looks harmonious in combination with pink-orange and yellow shades for a summer manicure, with creamy white and olive-mint, lilac varnish and a shade of "wet asphalt" for a classic neutral, discreet manicure, with blue-blue tones for an ombre finish, with gold and silver for a formal manicure. A pink and dark blue design with the addition of lilac elements will look harmonious for a winter manicure, and if you dilute the pink and blue coating with mint-yellow tones, you will get a spring manicure.

The combination of yellow and blue varnish looks very fresh. The basic dark blue coating can imitate a starry sky, while the stars themselves are created with a bright yellow varnish. Geometric figures in yellow color look spectacular on a dark blue background: rhombus, square, spirals, zigzag and others. Yellow can also be chosen as a base, and all decorations can be applied with dark blue varnish.

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