77 Ideas Bright Everyday Nail Design


Real ladies in the cycle of events do not forget about their appearance and pay special attention to their nails. That is why a beautiful bright nail design is an indispensable companion of every woman. Nail design in summer is characterized by extreme brightness and creativity. Although lovers of more delicate and nude nails 2022 also have something to choose from. No matter how bright a summer manicure you choose, its main purpose is to cheer up and create the right atmosphere. Of course, it is good to choose suitable trendy colors for manicure 2022 that match not only your mood, but also your clothes, swimwear and style.

For women who are not afraid to attract attention, we advise you to pay attention to bright contrasting tones. As we have said more than once, neon shades are the most suitable for manicure summer 2022. If you have to, due to a certain dress code or an outfit for a specific event, you can also use dark colors. They should be in a minimal amount and not play a major role in the design.

French manicure and its relatives - lunar and reverse French, are considered a universal option for every season of the year. They can be executed both in nude, pastel and gentle shades, and in bright, neon colors. All this means that you can depict whatever elements you want on your nails. The color combinations are also bright and noticeable, but here be careful not to overdo it with certain shades or choose incorrect combinations. It is good to familiarize yourself with their similarity beforehand.

A bright everyday nail design is important to be combined with the color of the clothes and the season. For example, for autumn nail design, choose bright shades of orange, red, burgundy in combination with minimalist elements, you could create a unique manicure. Bright colors of blue, yellow and green are suitable for summer. Do not forget about the unique and fashionable this year salmon color. Lacquers in bright salmon can make short nails remarkable and expressive.

Bright red in combination with black remains a classic. You can skillfully combine these two colors in a reverse French manicure. The Krakelure technique, fashionable in recent years, is ideal for creating a bright nail design. Special cracker varnishes allow you to easily create a unique manicure at home.

Foil manicure on a bright base is one of the very popular options for nail design this year. A wide variety of this decoration is available on the market. Here it is important not to overdo the design, but to use sparingly as an accent on one or two nails. A unicorn teardrop is also an option. For an everyday manicure, manicurists recommend one element of the nail on the ring finger, and the rest of the nails varnished in a bright main color of your choice. In this manicure, an ideal combination would be obtained with a French manicure. For example, a basic French design with an accent on the thumb, a solid color finish with the main color and a unicorn teardrop. A unique idea that will make your vision stand out.

Thematic elements in the bright everyday nail design are also very popular this year. In autumn, you can make leaves in all autumn colors or fresh patterned umbrellas.

To support everything said today, we have selected 77 ideas for bright everyday nail designs that will create a unique emotion on your nails 2022.