77 Ideas Everyday Nail Designs


When creating an everyday manicure, it is important to consider every detail so that it can harmonize with the various colors of clothes. This is one of the reasons we carefully select the colors used to judge the design.

For example, adhering to the style of the office, the manicure is created in neutral shades. These include: beige, delicate shades of pink, white, nude. You can complement this design with simple and not bright patterns. There should not be too many of them so that the nails do not look overloaded and do not attract too much attention. Nails 2022 must necessarily match the style and image of the woman. Another important detail when choosing a stylish everyday manicure is age and profession. Young girls are provided with a huge choice of colors and all kinds of decorations to create an everyday manicure, while more mature women are better off sticking to the classics without going beyond the restrained design. Restraint in design is also suitable for those women who have to follow a dress code at work. For everyday manicure, bright large crystals, voluminous design and other too noticeable decorative elements are inappropriate. It is worth limiting yourself to a simpler decor that will not interfere with daily household chores. There are a huge number of attractive and interesting ideas for decorating an everyday manicure. 

Even an uncomplicated, at first glance, design can be so decorated, thanks to modern techniques and materials, so that it looks both stylish and practical. The simplest and most affordable design, which will suit both a housewife and a business lady, is glossy gel polish. It looks very stylish, it is applied easily and quickly, it stays on the nails for a long time. To create such a manicure, you can use any color palette.

Do not chase the modern designs and do not try to do something difficult for yourself, the result can be disappointing. Therefore, it is better to make a clean, simple manicure, which, if desired, can be supplemented with simple decor.

If you want to make the manicure brighter, you can focus on one or two nails. They can be decorated with an original but simple pattern, sparkles or glitter. This will make the design more interesting without overwhelming it.

When creating an everyday manicure, it is important to adhere to a certain style. The daily manicure should be much more restrained than the official one.

As you know, the process of creating the perfect manicure begins, as a rule, with the selection of the appropriate shape of the nail plates. Several options became the most popular in the 2022 season: oval, almond, square and soft squares. The oval shape of the nails is characterized by the presence of a free edge that duplicates the shape of the nail bed. This idea is perfect for any length and looks as natural as possible, and is also the most comfortable and practical to use for every woman's daily duties. Almond-shaped nails are in many ways similar to the previous form, with the difference that they have a slightly pointed tip. The almond shape is suitable for long nails and plates of medium length. In fact, it is an eternal form. Square nails are considered a classic in nail art. This shape looks good on short and medium lengths. The soft square shape differs from the original version in the presence of softer corners.

As in many previous seasons, the choice of color palette to create a modern and stylish manicure will depend directly on the seasonality. Thus, for nail design in spring and summer, master manicurists recommend giving preference to yellow, green, blue and pink, as well as pastel and nude palettes. To create a manicure in the autumn-winter period, it is important to use deep green, blue, brown and all wine shades. Also, don't overlook the best selection of universal shades including red, black, white, silver and gold. Thanks to such a variety of color variations, your modern manicure will never look boring!

Despite the fact that nothing radically new and unusual is offered in winter manicure, the review of design ideas is simply full of interesting and attractive options for everyday nail design, in which already familiar techniques look completely new. For manicure winter 2022, techniques such as French manicure and manicure in the style of "different hands", animal prints and natural textures are perfect. As well as a solid nail design with rubbing, manicure with cobwebs, crystals, silver sequins and patterns in a suitable theme, for example with stars, snowflakes or frosty patterns. All the proposed ideas can be used as an independent type of design or combined with each other to create amazing masterpieces that can maximize the individuality of the vision and convey the mood.

Watch the following video to see clearly how you can create a unique nail design for every day

A bright manicure always attracts attention, which means that your nails must be flawless. Often, colored coatings emphasize even the smallest defects of the nail plate. Therefore, if you decide to have a bright summer manicure in your everyday life, you should take good care of your hands.

Before choosing a design for your stylish everyday summer manicure, it is good to follow the rule - bright, simple and clean. An ideal solution is irregularly shaped or zig zag lines in different bright colors, located perpendicularly or horizontally on the nails. They can be on a white base, nude, translucent or transparent. Another very popular nail design 2022 is the so-called minimalism. This design is easy to do because it contains minimal decorations such as dots, hearts, small flowers and more.

In addition to decorations and drawings, colors are also important in a bright everyday summer manicure. Deep and neon shades are one of the most sought after this season. There are many varnishes on the market with a thick coating, which makes it easier to apply. Combinations of two or more colors are also fashionable this summer. Let's not forget the marine manicure 2022, which includes the usual elements - seashells, seahorses, boats and others, executed in brighter tones. Neon colors prevail in summer manicure 2022 - green, pink, orange, coral, mint, turquoise, watermelon color and others.

We offer you the best ideas for modern everyday manicure, which are worth your attention.