77 ideas for Blue Nail Art Designs - style and femininity


Specialists claim that supporters of blue are self-confident, in good mental and physical condition, know what they want and how to achieve it. The variety of blue shades allows to experiment with decorations, colors and combinations. You can easily achieve an elegant manicure using the color blue. Combine with pebbles, sequins and of course white nail polish. Dark blue, for example, goes very well with orange or yellow. Light shades of blue are perfectly combined with white or even black. For everyday manicure, you can use neutral blue in combination with white or transparent elements. Last but not least, a blue French manicure can perfectly decorate nails 2023, so as to give a fashionable look to any lady. Very suitable combinations of the blue color in manicure 2023 are the decorations with flowers, creating a wonderful mood.

Muted and saturated navy blue has become very popular in recent years. This color looks perfect on both short and long nails. Matte manicure looks very noble. To make the design brighter and more elegant, you can add glitter or stones. The velvet coating with powder or sand on a dark blue base is an ideal solution for those of you who want to do your manicure at home - easy and original. In any case, such a manicure looks stunning.

The matte texture can be used on all nails, while diluting the unobtrusive design with crystals, stones and other elements. No less attractive is the performance of one or two nails with a matte tone, and the rest with another technique. For a variety of designs, you can apply light glossy patterns on a matte blue surface.

Shades of blue occupy a leading position in manicure in all seasons. Along with red, this deep and saturated color is considered a classic that can completely transform your nails. A rich palette of shades will allow you to choose the best color combination for your skin type. Luxurious blue manicure looks great with different styles: office-business, solemn, romantic, casual and at the peak of popularity - denim. Let's take a closer look at which blue design techniques are on the hottest trends list.

The color scheme of blue is very large - it can be deep royal, light cornflower blue, deep cobalt, pale moon, ultramarine, azure or electric blue. Dark, deep tones will suit the owners of fair skin, while the nails of darker ladies should be decorated with lighter, diluted shades. The shape of the nail for a blue manicure is preferably oval or square, and the length is average. However, blue manicure will perfectly decorate even the shortest nails. The main thing is to correctly choose the decorative elements that visually lengthen or expand the nail plate.

The modern blue manicure is also suitable for a special occasion and evening out, decorated with elegant crystals and decor that will be luxurious and elegant. The combination of jewelry on a dark blue base will help you achieve the best nail design for evening summer parties on the beach: a combination of glossy and matte finish, ombre, French or moon manicure.

You can achieve an interesting blue manicure 2023 with a combination with other modern colors, such as white, black and red shades, which will perfectly complement your outfit. The white color gives lightness and elegance to the blue, perfectly refreshing the look. It is a similar design that is suitable for manicure 2023 and in particular for the current sea manicure.

In order for a manicure to look beautiful, it is first of all important that it is matched with the skin tone of the hands. For this reason, different shades of dark blue suit different types of women. Representatives of the cold color type are recommended to choose coatings in tones from the cold blue palette: sapphire, indigo, blueberry, cobalt, electric blue, dark azure. For ladies with a warmer skin tone, dark turquoise, deep blue and blue-gray are suitable. These shades of blue look very elegant and harmonize well with many other colors. An equally important role in choosing a shade of blue in the manicure is the length of the nails. Delicate shades of dark blue are suitable for longer nails, and sapphire and amethyst will look harmonious on short nails.

According to nail art designers, dark blue varnish looks harmonious in combination with pink-orange and yellow shades for a summer manicure, with creamy white and olive-mint, lilac varnish and a shade of "wet asphalt" for a classic neutral, discreet manicure, with blue-blue tones for an ombre finish, with gold and silver for a formal manicure. A pink and dark blue design with the addition of lilac elements will look harmonious for a winter manicure, and if you dilute the pink and blue coating with mint-yellow tones, you will get a spring manicure.

The combination of yellow and blue varnish looks very fresh. The basic dark blue coating can imitate a starry sky, while the stars themselves are created with a bright yellow varnish. Geometric figures in yellow color look spectacular on a dark blue background: rhombus, square, spirals, zigzag and others. Yellow can also be chosen as a base, and all decorations can be applied with dark blue varnish.

The combinations of white and blue can be truly unlimited: a white-blue delicate pattern on sapphire varnish on all nails, an ombre effect, starting from the white coating of the little finger to dark blue and many others. The dark blue color is beautiful in itself and does not need additional decor. However, with the help of certain techniques and designs, an unusual decorative effect can be achieved. The saturation of the color can be emphasized with the help of gel polish cat's eye or the famous Swarovski crystals. Such coatings are evening, suitable for formal occasions.

Enjoy the following blue manicure ideas in all its gorgeous color combinations. Choose your blue nail design.