77 ideas for a perfect almond nail design


The shape of the nails is the most important element of any manicure, directly setting the tone of the entire design. Even a romantic, gentle, nude design can look bold and defiant if you create it on nails that are as sharp as the claws of a predator. Accordingly, the classic French manicure on almond nails will differ from the same design, but on square nails. In this article, we will look at the most fashionable manicure for almond nails, as well as the current designs and colors suitable for this nail shape.

Today, appearance is the business card of every woman. A well-thought-out image in which clothes, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories are harmoniously combined is simply impossible to imagine without well-groomed nails. The almond manicure gets its name due to the similarity of the shape with the nuts of the same name, oval at the base and slightly narrowed towards the end. 50 years ago, every self-respecting movie star proudly displayed their almond-shaped varnished nails. This form was considered the most feminine, sophisticated, slightly daring, but this made it even more attractive. For quite a long time now, it has not gone out of fashion and is preferred by many ladies. If you look at vintage photos with representatives of "golden Hollywood", you will see almond-shaped nails and red polish.

Modern almond nails are a combination of convenience, practicality and elegance. Today it is fashionable for the length of almond-shaped nails to be no more than 4 mm on the free edge. This length looks very natural, but at the same time simple and gentle. To make a final decision on such a form, we recommend carefully weighing the pros and cons.

The almond nail shape is one of the most used because of its durability and strength. The slight rounding of the side corners of the nail plate reduces the possibility of delamination and breakage. A beautiful and well-made almond manicure visually lengthens the fingers, making them thinner and more delicate. The almond nail shape is not very suitable for very short nails, as there is not enough length to form the curve. With the almond shape, the main attention is directed to the graceful rounding of the free edge, while at the same time hiding the flaws in the relief of the nail surface. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a beginner to file perfect almond nails while making each nail the same as the other.

Modern almond nails are demonstrated for the new season with unexpected solutions that allow you to look amazing and spectacular. Almond-shaped nails look great with traditional techniques, such as French manicure, ombre, hole manicure and "negative space". Trends in the design of almond-shaped nails suggest the choice of bold manicure designs with inscriptions and abstract patterns, chic printed elements and "color blocks". The new French manicure style almond nails look quite stylish. An intriguing manicure for almond nails is demonstrated with rubbing in its various variations, as well as a velvet effect on the nails. The trendy almond-shaped nail design for this season is mainly in light shades, delicate and stylish in nude, baby pink and milky white.

Dark almond nails are also distinguished by innovative solutions, such as a combination of two or three colors, painted flowers or marine elements. Last but not least is the latest technique using dried flowers. It has many options that you can use.

This shape looks good both on natural nail color and on black or white lacquered nails, and why not on more saturated colors. Almond-shaped nails create a visual impression of more feminine and delicate fingers. See how you can easily form almond-shaped nails.

Do not miss the photo gallery, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy unique ideas for almond-shaped manicure. All of them are created with the latest and most modern techniques in manicure and according to this year's color trends. Enjoy them!