88 Burgundy Nail Designs


The color Burgundy embodies nobility, chic and sophistication. Decor with this color looks expressive, stylish and feminine. The tone successfully combines depth and luxury while remaining versatile. A burgundy manicure is suitable for nails of different shapes and lengths. As for the style of clothing, with a well-chosen decor, burgundy will be in harmony with all outfits, whether it is casual clothes or an elegant evening dress.

Marsala is in perfect harmony with many other colors, both bright and pastel. The most organic and stylish combinations are obtained by adding achromatic colors - black and white, beige and brown.

For a design to look attractive, it must not only be well chosen, but also well made. The nail plate must be well prepared before applying the base coat. All bumps and scratches must be well treated. Otherwise, the hands will not look good, despite the beauty of the marsala.

Although burgundy is a warm color, manicurists recommend using it in the cool season. Autumn is the perfect time for a burgundy manicure. If you feel like wearing something so classy and stylish for a summer manicure, you can combine it with a summer dress or tunic in a similar color. And since burgundy is suitable for both teenagers and older ladies, there is no woman who would not want to do her manicure in this color at least once.

The velvet matte texture is great for polishes in the color of Sicilian wine. This design will be a great addition to the look for a gala event, evening party or birthday, especially if you decorate your nails with gold elements, crystals and glitter. A few pieces of gold jewelry will make your look more elegant and stylish. The matte finish is also a great solution for a marsala manicure.

As for French manicure with burgundy color, manicurists use two contrasting textures - a glossy base and a matte edge. This design is not difficult and you can do it at home. The moon manicure would have a similar effect.

On this noble burgundy-colored background, swirls or a monogram in a contrasting color will look great. A classic design in Marsala color combined with florals would also look ideal. Flowers, leaves, branches - all this looks feminine and current, regardless of fashion trends. Volumetric decors are also suitable for burgundy.

A burgundy manicure speaks of your temperament and self-confidence, always remaining current and sophisticated. If you intend to prove yourself in business as a purposeful woman with an active lifestyle, then choose a burgundy manicure. This color very much likes stable people with stable views and financial situation, but the color will help other people to gain additional firmness in decisions and self-confidence. Often, the color of burgundy varnish in manicure is used by representatives of creative professions, fans of philosophy, art connoisseurs and young ladies looking for themselves. Today we offer you beautiful burgundy manicure ideas and suitable for any occasion, selected especially for you. See for yourself how easily burgundy can be combined in a French manicure, how a burgundy manicure looks on short and long nails, geometric nail patterns, crystals and a chic modern manicure in burgundy.

Many may think that burgundy is suitable only for cold seasons, but this is a wrong opinion. Bordeaux nail design can be used all year round. And proof of this are illustrative examples from our selection. The combination of gentle spring tones in clothes will perfectly complement the contrasting burgundy manicure. Spring manicure 2022 is distinguished by the presence of floral patterns on the nails, softer colors and correct accents. You can cover the nails with even one tone of burgundy polish or leave only part of the nails in dark colors and highlight the rest with light polish, refreshing it with a pattern. Get inspired by our pictures of burgundy spring nail designs. It is a mistake to think that dark colors look out of place on short nails. On the contrary, with the help of dark varnish, you can visually lengthen the shape of the nails, and they will look refined and well-groomed. Bordeaux manicure for short nails will delight you with its saturation and create a special festive mood in your everyday life.

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