How to combine a pedicure with a manicure?


When it comes to pedicure and manicure, almost every woman asks herself the logical question - can pedicure and manicure be in one style? Wouldn't this combination look kitschy and cluttered. Today we will show you some of the most popular and fashionable summer manicure and pedicure combinations. All these designs can be worn all summer long, whether you are at the sea, the mountains or at work. This is because during the summer season everything is allowed from bright and neon colors to gentle designs with sea waves.

If you want your manicure and pedicure to look beautiful and be in one style, you should follow several important factors. The main color of the nails of the feet and hands should correspond to the season. The shoes are also important, whether they are open toed or not and what color they are. Because if your summer sandal is green, and you decide on a blue pedicure, not only will you spoil your overall look, but you yourself will not like this view. Another important point is whether the manicure and pedicure will be casual or you need something more formal.

French manicures and pedicures have been popular since the late 20th century. In recent years, this pedicure design has evolved in terms of color. The classic white line is very successfully replaced by manicurists with all other possible colors, and the base in some designs is even applied black. Such a pedicure combined with a manicure looks extremely stylish and is suitable for every season. In addition to the colors, the modern pedicure also develops in the placement of the specific French manicure line. It is replaced by asymmetric or zigzag. All this ranks the French pedicure in combination with the French manicure at the forefront of fashion trends in recent years.

When it comes to choosing a pedicure and manicure design in one style, it is very important to know what base color we want to apply to the nails. The next step is to choose the basic design and last but not least to consider how to combine all this on the nails and hands and feet. If we don't make the right choice, we can turn our overall look into something ridiculous and unpleasant to the eye.

We offer you to see more interesting ideas how you could combine the design of a manicure with that of a pedicure 2022. Take advantage of our suggestions and show the idea that you like the most to your manicurist and we are sure that you will have the most unique summer manicure and pedicure combined.