Delicate nail design - elegance and style


Modern images of gentle manicure are presented in neutral, muted and pastel color palettes - pastel, beige and nude colors, cream and powder tones. On these semi-prominent foundations, the modern technique with dry flowers fills your image with summer mood and freshness.

The decorative elements of modern gentle manicure are distinguished by brevity and extreme delicacy, represented by a foil print, monochrome confetti, wonderful shine and pearl rubbing. The top styles in the delicate manicure look charming on long and short nails, which makes the delicate manicure the choice of all ladies without exception.

The pastel palette of shades has always been distinguished by tenderness and sophistication, which makes it almost universal in any delicate style of manicure, regardless of the season. Flawless gentle pastel manicure can have a beautiful decor that complements it in the form of foil, crystals and stones, rubbing and modern patterns in the form of flowers, curls and lace.

Among the top manicures with a delicate gentle coating, the ombre effect always stands out, which looks flawless in its delicacy and unobtrusiveness. Once you have chosen neutral pastel colors and created with their help a gentle gradient in a matte version, you are surely guaranteed the perfect gentle manicure. Drawings on a gentle gradient look very attractive.

The unobtrusive nude palette of shades is very rich and allows you to create excellent gentle types of nail design in different styles. A delicate beige or nude manicure can become both an independent type of manicure and a part of a combined design on your nails. You will get a festive delicate nude manicure thanks to lace and sequins, and an everyday and gentle one - with stripes and abstract prints.

Before choosing a specific color and design for your future manicure, you should decide on the shape and length of the nails, because the final result will depend on this first step. Modern designs in delicate pastel colors can be seen on both short and long nails. All kinds of inscriptions, as well as the "gradient" design, are included in the list of trends in 2022. If you prefer the most current shape and length of nails for 2022, then it will be short nails. Most often, ladies choose a square or almond shape.

Short nails will always be in trends, beautifully neat and most importantly, as comfortable as possible. With a rich palette of pastel nail polish colors, it's easy to find the perfect shade to match most clothes in your wardrobe. Pastel colors most often evoke an association with something gentle, delicate and romantic. It is for this reason that on the eve of an important solemn event, ladies most often choose a manicure in a modern pastel or nude Nud color.

Do not forget to take a closer look in 2022 at the noble "dusty", "milky" or, as the masters of the nail industry also call them, "bleached" colors: peach; lavender; blue mint; beige yellow.

Thanks to a special top nail polish, any color from the pastel palette that you like can be instantly turned into matte. The noble matte finish has long been a leader in the modern fashion industry. Women's hands acquire a well-groomed, modern and expressive look thanks to the correctly selected matte shade of manicure. Please note that pastel yellow, orange and mint colors give a tanned shade to the skin of the hands. The square shape of the nails is chosen by strong and self-confident individuals who always know what they want from life. On square short or long nails, a monophonic, also colorful manicure in pastel colors will look great.

If you do not know how to beautifully decorate your nails, then we suggest that you pay attention to caramel manicure 2022. This shade of nail art not only looks beautiful on the nails, but also goes well with any outfit. Choosing the right caramel manicure design, you can be sure to make your look more attractive and catchy. Caramel manicure is chosen most often by women in the cold season. Fall and winter are the perfect time for this color. The elegant shade goes well with almost the entire basic wardrobe for cold everyday life. It also looks beautiful with autumn themed patterns.

The dark caramel color looks best in a glossy version, when it resembles a pouring of liquid caramel playing with a sugary sheen. The matte finish can take away all the nobility of this shade, making it indescribable. The dark caramel color looks equally good on both short and long nails, even on excessively long nails.

The traditional performance of multi-colored caramels is combined with white stripes. In sweets, it is supposed to be milk or creme caramel. Red and white caramels look especially current - this manicure design is very popular for New Year's holidays, because it is associated with red and white caramel sticks-hooks. In spring and summer, you can alternate white stripes with bright and even neon colors: pink, light green, blue, yellow, purple.

Modern nude manicure looks flawless, giving elegance and sophistication to women's hands, whether they have short nails or long, square, oval or almond-shaped nails. Nude shades are a rather broad concept that includes a large number of beige tones. Most often, these are neutral and natural shades that are close to the natural color of the skin. In this regard, such a design does not stand out much and they look as natural as possible. In addition, modern nude manicure looks stylish and elegant, it often becomes the choice of business ladies, celebrities and many celebrities. The leading techniques in modern nude manicure are presented in different ways - from classic moon and French manicure, ombre and gradient, to intriguing marble design, "spider design", embossing and manicure with stickers. It is important to remember that each of these techniques is very rarely used alone, most often nude manicure is a combined design that combines several modern techniques at once. Nude manicure is a perfect solution for everyday or business manicure, with unobtrusive floral patterns or minimalist design. If we are talking about a festive nude manicure, then crystals and shiny decor in the form of confetti, foil, shiny threads or other decorative elements will be more appropriate here.

Nude manicure - perfect anytime and anywhere! Yes, let's not be afraid of such a definition of the modern nude manicure 2022. Over time, this unique design acquires more and more variations, styles and execution techniques. Nude manicure is popular among women of all ages and you certainly can't get tired of it.