Fall 2022 Nail Designs - Autumn Colors on Nails


Traditionally, the most fashionable colors of autumn manicure are burgundy, berry, brown, dark green, soft shades of yellow and orange - in a word, everything that reminds of leaf fall and wilting of nature. Add to them the all-season nude, classic red and blue - and you get a trendy palette of nail polishes.

Dark red and tart burgundy - these noble shades are best left "pure" without mixing with other colors. For example, a simple matte finish, a moon manicure or a colorful French manicure. If you really want a drawing on your nails, then it is better to decorate one nail with an application or a drawing on an autumn theme.

Red Nail Design

Red is a quintessential color in nail design and has somehow settled comfortably among the trends, no matter the season. Red is a sign of addiction and saxapil, of bravery and defiance. Current for fall nail design 2022 are the bright shades of red, which form a perfectly modern nail design Fall 2022. The wide variety of red nail ideas makes this color very preferred by women.

Muted yellow Nail Design

Yellow is a color that is usually preferred for summer nail designs, but in more muted tones it brings an autumn mood. For fall/winter 2022-2023, the masters in nail art are betting on yellow-mustard and dark yellow. Dark yellow and gold shades are perfect for autumn nail designs because they create a vintage effect, or with an added element of formality, such as pebbles or glitter can create a unique festive nail design.

Olive green Nail Design

Olive green is a color you either love or hate. This deep, earthy shade of green is especially suitable for a seasonal manicure because it exudes an autumn mood. In nail design, you can most easily combine it with black. Olive green looks like it will be one of the best and most stylish colors for the next few years. It varies significantly in hue and saturation from cold to warm tones. The variety of ideas for nails in olive green that manicurists offer gives a great advantage when choosing a design.

Blue Nail Design

Blue is a calming color. Perhaps that is why its various shades are also among the constantly current fashion trends, regardless of the season. Dark blue will again be a trending color for fall and winter. Loved for its versatility, the dark blue color pairs well with both neutrals and brighter shades from the palette. Nsil ideas blue are extremely suitable for everyday manicure, regardless of the saturation of the varnishes.

Purple Nail Design

Purple is a color that rarely features in fashion trends and is generally favored by a small number of designers. Purple stands out in an unobtrusive and pleasant way. For fall/winter 2022-2023 nail design, we mostly see it in more elegant manicures.

Nud Nail Design

Different flesh tones will also be part of the fall and winter nail designs. Nude shades are most often worn in monochrome designs with an accent on one or two nails of beautiful drawings of autumn leaves, umbrellas or stickers in a similar theme.

Gray Nail Design

Gray is that color you wear when you're looking for a neutral color but don't like black and white. It is an indispensable color for business nail design, but in autumn/winter 2022-2023 it is also present in a simple everyday manicure.

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