How to Create a Fun Nail Design?


The cheerful design can be created both on short nails and on long or very long nails. Naughty nails are perfect for a youth party. Even in everyday life, young people can afford to put images of funny cartoon characters on their nails. Toys, balloons, emoticons are perfectly combined with the youth style.

A manicure with non-standard, cheerful and cool drawings amuses and amuses both us and everyone around us. Young girls, and not only, want such a design on their nails, especially for a summer manicure or a playful holiday option. Today, we will present to you precisely such naughty manicure ideas that will make you smile.

More mature ladies can also afford a fun manicure, but in a simpler version or as an accent on one or two nails. For example, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, cheerful emoticons or a funny cartoon character from our childhood. Do not forget that clothes and accessories should match the manicure, so it is good to do it during the vacation.

Young girls like snake designs or prints. Reptiles give nails a special charm. The writhing animal can be drawn on one nail or three, it all depends on your preferences.

Very often women choose designs with animals. A manicure with a black cat on a red background is ideal if you want to be daring and noticeable. Ladies who love their pet can choose a drawing of it. Animal nail art ideas are endless. Let's not forget the special occasions, such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, New Year and others. All these holidays give us the opportunity to diversify our manicure.

A manicure with animations made in black and white would look very original. This manicure, due to its more uniform tonality, can be used for everyday or playful office manicure. You should not add bright and voluminous shiny elements to the black and white design, as this can spoil the overall picture of the manicure.

If your task is to create an original and unique nail design, then do not forget to use your favorite cartoon characters. The drawing can be absolutely any, the most important thing is that you like it. It can be Pikachu, Totoro, Piggy the pig, Pinko the pink panther and others. This design will certainly not go unnoticed because it is radically different from the usual. Its main advantage remains that we can return to childhood.

Check out the following fun nail art ideas to put you in a good mood.