Top ideas for colorful French manicure - trendy nails


French manicure is considered a standard of femininity and elegance. This design has the ability to hide the flaws of the nail plate and emphasize the merits. In recent years, the so-called flower French manicure has appeared, which differs from the classic one in terms of color. With this design, freedom in the use of colors is great. The combinations of a colorful smile and a contrasting base, complemented by decoration, are ideal for absolutely any occasion and style.

The colorful French manicure is suitable for both short and long nails. Short nails in the shape of a square or a soft square, complemented by a colorful French manicure, perfectly fit into everyday life. For wider and shorter nails, nude and pastel tones are suitable, as a neutral base with a colorful bright background of the smile, which can also have an ombre effect. The smile line should be narrow in order to visually lengthen the nails.

The geometric design in the French manicure on short nails looks very stylish. Such a manicure is suitable for both a daily office look and an evening dress. A smooth V-shaped smile line painted in bright contrasting colors is also at the peak of popularity this season.

Fashion today is quite democratic and allows you to use almost any color in manicure. The main thing is that your manicure looks stylish and aesthetic. The harmonious combination of nails and the image as a whole is the ideal formula for a woman.

The nude version of the colored French manicure consists of milky shades, the color of a dusty rose, pale pink, white. A timeless classic that will suit any occasion and look. You can focus on crystals or an accent on one of the fingers.

In terms of color, red and black are one of the most popular options for French manicure. They can be used together, creating a unique image, or separately. This design is not always suitable for a business manicure. If you want to use it in everyday life, you can choose muted shades of red, and for evening occasions, bright or neon red in combination with black in a French manicure would look stunning.

Another very trendy color combination is beige and black. A slim French design made with black gel polish adds a touch of sophistication. Many stylists believe that such a manicure cannot completely cover the ring finger. Follow their advice and apply an abstract swirl pattern. For such a model, you can take a dark gray varnish.

The black French pattern design looks great on any type of nail. This design is also suitable for any season of the year. The emphasis of the manicure is on the ring finger. A pattern in the form of a half-open flower is created on this nail. Crystals are also used in the decor. Thus, the manicure looks bright and shiny.

An elegant and stylish French manicure can always be made more sophisticated and sweet if you use "negative space". This option is suitable with a matte finish or with a simple pattern or stripe.

Last but not least in the line of modern designs is the black French manicure with a double smile line. As a basis for such a design, it is better to use a light coating and make the very lines along the edge of the nail thin and graceful.

Black French manicure with prints and drawings is amazing in combination with spring mood and flowers. You can choose decals or stickers for this type of black French or make a beautiful picture by stopping at unusual and funny drawings imitating cartoon characters, animals and others.

Check out our photo gallery and enjoy a gorgeous black French manicure on your nails.