Video tutorials: Ideas for Manicure with the Crackleur Technique


Craquelure on the nails is a technique for creating artificial cracks. Years ago it existed only in the fine arts. Today it is one of the most sought after and liked nail designs by women all over the world. It originates from France. Stylists borrowed this image from old paintings painted on canvas. The paintings were rolled up and over time the canvases developed web-like cracks. This is the craquelure effect. Do you think it is difficult to create such an original nail design with many cracks and cobwebs? Not at all. Any girl can do such a manicure, you just need to know which materials create the effect of "crack", "crack" or "craquelure".

The craquelure effect can be achieved in two ways: with the help of a special nail polish with the inscription "craquelure" or "crackle" or with the help of a transfer film.

The main secret of the perfect design of cracked nails is the right combination of colors. For a craquelure manicure, only 2 colors of varnish are often used. It is from their successful and correct combination that the effect of cracks is obtained.

We offer you a video in which you will see how to create a nail design with a craquelure effect.