Video Tutorials: 17 Best Nail Art Designs for Long Nails


Nail designs for long nails have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it looks extremely elegant, gives a large field of expression due to the longer nail area, is suitable for formal occasions, parties. The only downside is that it is more inconvenient in everyday life. In order to maintain a beautiful long manicure, it is necessary to have healthy and firm nails. This can be achieved easily by using some homemade nail mask tricks or using strengthening products. The other option is to resort to artificial nails.

Long nails are a wide scope for the master's creativity, and there are always a huge number of design options. Until recently, girls chose short nails - with such a manicure it is more convenient to work on the keyboard, write SMS and fix your makeup, but today long nails are back in fashion! First, you don't need to grow nails like Lady Gaga's - choose a moderate length. Secondly, if you successfully choose the shape, long nails will not interfere.

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