Top 50 Bright Pink Nail Designs - Nail Trends 2023


The uniqueness of the pink color lies in its universality. At its core, it has three contrasting colors: passionate red, cold blue and soft white. They are determined depending on the color temperature and the saturation of the pink shade. The tones of pink can be warm, cool, shimmery, orange, lilac, coral or bright shades. Conventionally, all tones can be divided into light, bright and dark. The pastel group of shades is great for everyday manicure. Bright variations of the pink color are good for a beach holiday or summer nail design 2023. Dark pink tones are good for evening looks, especially if you choose the right type of texture. Today we will focus on the bright shades of the pink color in manicure.

To the delight of many women, short and medium length nails are current for nail design 2023. As you can read in our previous articles, the trendy nail shape 2022 is oval, almond and soft square. All this is an ideal basis for the bright pink shades in the manicure.

One of the advantages of the bright pink manicure is that in terms of color it is successfully combined with many colors, such as black, silver, white, mint, bright yellow, gold, all shades of gray, blue, turquoise, beige, cream, all shades of green and coffee. The bright pink color is in harmony with many shades of pastel and nude tones. For an evening design in a bright pink color, a manicure in satin and velvet would look perfect.

Pink nails using the gradient technique will look beautiful if you use for them coatings of several shades of bright colors flowing into pastel shades of pink. Such a design will be at the top of nail trends 2023, and fashion trends direct us to the fact that the transition from one tone to another should be as smooth and natural as possible. The matte finish of such a design will also look stylish.

Pink color in manicure attracts many women. Its modern look gives a high status to the nails, making engraving one of the favorites when choosing colors. Pink has many shades, the knowledge of which will help you to properly decorate your nails in a stylish and noble way. In today's article, we will focus in particular on the bright shades of pink. They not only occupy a leading place in nail trends 2023, but create a cheerful and bright mood.