Video Tutorials: Top 15 Abstract Nail Designs


In order for a woman to look stylish and attractive, it is not necessary to spend energy, time and money on visiting beauty salons. With the help of modern abstraction on nails, you can create easy and amazing nail designs.

Do not be discouraged if you immediately failed to carefully implement the chosen nail design. You will need to practice a couple of times to feel confident and find creative nails. The whole procedure should be done slowly and carefully. If you are a novice specialist, then only preparing your hands can take you a long time. Don't be in a hurry. Speed ​​itself comes with experience. It is better to initially do everything slower, but better.

Do not neglect the preparatory procedures. Nails and fingers must be perfectly finished before creative designs can be applied to them. Sloppy nail plates look not only unfashionable, but also vulgar, even if they have the most stylish designs. Be sure to organize your workspace. The quality of the procedure also depends on this. The table should be spacious, where all the necessary accessories for manicure will fit. It must be light, otherwise you simply will not notice the small nuances of the design.

File the nail plate in only one direction. This will avoid cracks and brittleness. At first, it may be unusual, because we are all used to sawing our nails in both directions. But it is worth practicing, and you will quickly be able to perform such actions. A positive result will not keep you waiting.

Do not shake gel polish before use. This can create bubbles that will create obstacles to creating an even coating. Apply a thin coat. It would be better to make several thin layers and dry each one in a lamp than one thick one, which will spread and cause a sloppy manicure.

Experts strongly recommend capturing the edges of the nails when staining. So you can avoid chips, and a stylish manicure will delight for a long time. Be sure to use a binder. It gives the coating not only a glossy sheen, but also guarantees durability and durability (of course, if all the rules of manicure are followed exactly).

All layers should be dried well in a lamp. The clarity of the pattern and the durability of the entire composition will depend on this. To remove excess gel polish, you need to use a special brush for nail art. It will help to gently cleanse the skin and maintain an attractive appearance of the hands.

In the next video you will see several tutorials on how you can easily make an abstract manicure at home.