Top 50 Best Neon Nail Design Ideas


Instead of classic pastels and dark colors, opt for bright and catchy neon shades. Show your imagination and give yourself a juicy acid manicure. Believe me, with this color on the nails you will have a summer and high spirits even in rainy weather.

Neon nail design is not just a bright color of varnish, but a real explosion of color. Even without design and decor, such a manicure will not go unnoticed. This manicure has its own peculiarity. During the day, a manicure is just a bright varnish on the nails, and in the evening, the nails glow. Neon manicure is ideal for parties and discos. Ideally, such a manicure looks on short or medium-length nails.

Neon colors are most accurately and effectively combined with tanned skin, so give preference to neon manicure during the summer holidays. We chose a neon manicure, remember that it is better not to be zealous with makeup. Such a manicure is in harmony with clothes in beige, light and blue tones. For a stylish look, choose denim in light yellow, blue and lilac.

With the help of neon colors, you can create whole pictures with the help of drops, blots and spots. Various colors of neon varnishes are sprinkled on a white background. If you choose negligence, you get a more abstract drawing. Such a manicure always requires careful wearing. Use cuticle oil to protect your nails from chipping.

A simple, but at the same time bright and interesting option for applying neon varnish is a French variation. Acid nail tips with a muted matte background look original and not banal. Also in French manicure, you can combine two neon colors.

It's hard to believe, but the matte effect in neon manicure does not kill the brightness, but makes the nails more catchy. The nails are covered with a matte finish completely, or with its help it is worth highlighting only individual color areas.

Using neon colors, you can create a beautiful gradient manicure. An example would be a combination of green with blue, pink with yellow, blue with red. The gradient often combines soft skin color and neon. The decor in such a manicure most often chooses a design with elements of geometry and graphics, or neon fragments folded in the style of a stained glass window.

Owners of short nails are offered a large selection of nail designs in neon manicure. For spring, choose delicate colors better, while decorating a few nails with a neon design. Rhinestones will look great in such a manicure. In the summer, cover the entire plate of marigolds with bright, flashy colors, such as: red, pink, blue and acid shades. A manicure will look summery and fun if it is complemented with a design in the form of a gradient or safari patterns.

Mint color in neon manicure, covered with a matte texture, looks fresh and light on the nails. In the autumn period, give preference to warm colors, such as: khaki, gold, yellow with thematic autumn patterns and prints. Nail art masters decorate such a manicure with foil, a nude addition.

In winter, women of fashion choose the main cold color - blue, combining it with black, red and white. Most often, winter neon manicure is decorated with drawings in the form of snowflakes, Christmas trees. But even in a mono coating, a bright blue varnish is also spectacular.

Orange manicure will be a bright and stylish addition to the summer look. If you are a girl who loves bright colors and is open to experimentation, be sure to give yourself an orange neon manicure. Orange color goes well with a variety of colors, harmonizes with any design and highlights any nail shape. The orange color will suit both the rounded shape of the nail, and the square, and the triangular. For fashionistas who prefer even more daring looks, nail art masters offer to combine orange with bright raspberry, light green, making abstraction or geometry on the nails. French manicure in orange looks very gentle and elegant, despite the brightness.

Another trendy color is green. This shade of color, while remaining colorful and bright, refreshes the image and looks more restrained. Neon manicure in green is best decorated with drawings or stencils. Green color goes well in an abstract pattern with yellow, crimson or orange. Acid bright green manicure will suit any summer look. At the same time, if you choose a minimalist manicure with neon green stripes, you can combine it with a strict dress code.