Top 57 Oval Nail Designs - Elegance and Style


The oval shape of the nails not only looks natural, but thanks to the even rounded edges, it is considered to be the most safe - both for your clothes and for those around you, since there is no danger of snagging or scratching with the edges of the nail. It is for this reason that the "oval" is the ideal nail shape for doctors, athletes, mothers of young children, etc. A beautiful oval manicure is obtained both on short and medium-length nails. The average length of the nails is a real "golden mean": such a manicure looks very feminine and attractive, and the sufficient nail surface allows the manicurist to embody any of your wishes.

If the fingers are short and the nail bed itself is wide, the oval shape can visually ennoble the hands by elongating the nail plates. Such girls should not get carried away with great length and sharp shape: long nails in this case will look unnatural. For ladies with short nails, the oval manicure will visually ennoble the nail, correcting the short length and giving it an elegant shape. Experienced specialists believe that a beautiful oval is the key to success for a flawless manicure. Manicure for oval nails is perfect for ladies of any age.

The oval nail shape is often confused with the almond shape, but they are completely different. The oval, almond and rounded shapes follow the smile line and nail cuticle. The main advantage of the oval shape is its versatility. It is suitable for any finger shape, any design can be created on it and it is perfect for any look. Such nails can be both long and short. It is also very comfortable and practical for everyday activities. One of its advantages is that it is also ideal for fluffier fingers. If nature has gifted you with unbreakable nails and a regular and wide shape, you should definitely stop at an oval manicure.

The oval shape is also very preferred by business ladies, because it looks perfect on a short or medium short manicure and is perfectly combined with a nude or light base. Another advantage of oval-shaped nails is the visual shortening of too long fingers. Despite the fact that long fingers look very elegant, excess length is incompatible with the concept of elegance. With this form, there are also disadvantages, for example, greater vulnerability to external influences, because of which the nail splits or breaks often appear. The oval shape is suitable for both natural and extended nails. Acrylic or gel is usually used in oval nail art.

As for trendy manicure colors 2022, oval nails are an ideal base for natural shades. As we already know, modern manicure 2022 is entirely based on natural motifs. Minimalism is leading, and complex, bulky, massive design ideas are a thing of the past. Thanks to this, oval nails are becoming more and more popular, because it is this shape that is considered as natural as possible.

We can't help but pay attention to the French manicure on oval-shaped nails. Modern nail art is unthinkable without this type of manicure. The neat smile line, which looks natural on the oval, gives the hands elegance, sophistication and French charm. For an everyday manicure, you can choose the simple shape, and for an evening one, you can add a few patterns of glitter or stones.

Another fashionable trend in manicure in recent years is the so-called reverse French manicure, whose smile line is at the base of the nail. For the oval shape of the nails, repeating lines are ideal, which give the hands elegance, sophistication and style. Give preference to small patterns and crystals, they fit more organically into the concept of an official reverse French manicure.

The oval shape of the nails is considered classic, suitable for any length and technique of creating designs. Today, this form is one of the three that occupy a leading place among fashion trends in manicure. For its creation, you need to know some subtleties. The oval shape is unique in itself, feminine and elegant. It ennobles not only the nails, but also the fingers. The oval shape is also suitable for elongated nails. Any woman can choose this shape, regardless of her age, commitment and style. On such nails, you can create both an elegant and stylish manicure and a shocking design. It is one of the most preferred for everyday manicure due to its convenience in performing daily activities.

You can shape oval nails at home without any problem. Today, modern women have many options for this. The approach to this issue begins with the performance of a high-quality hygienic manicure, because without it the nails will not look beautiful and, most importantly, well-groomed.

Now that you have managed to shape your unique oval nails, we suggest you see some manicure ideas to help you choose.