101 Gentle Ideas for Blue Nails - Extravaganza on Nails


The blue color is rich in various associations: space, sea, new year, etc. In their work, nail art masters are happy to use all this. There are many options for manicure in blue. It is performed in various techniques and use of decorative elements. Matte finish, lunar or French manicure, "cat's eye", glitter manicure - this is just a small part of the ideas that can be realized on your nails. A hit in  manicure 2023 are sapphire sequins in bright blue color. In order not to look too pretentious, it is better to apply them on 1-2 nails of each hand.

At the moment, there are many blue nail ideas in the Internet space, which successfully occupy the 1st place in nail trends 2023. So, blue color is very suitable for modern nail design 2023, regardless of its shade.

Contrasting colors create a successful symbiosis, especially when your manicure is done by a good manicurist. A simple yet modern design that you can do at home is a white base with gel polish and zigzag blue stripes across the nail. If you want this design to become suitable for your evening outfit, you can apply lines of gold or silver glitter between them. In the same color scheme, you can also do a lunar or French manicure. A blue base with a white lunula makes the design extremely attractive. The white "smiles" of the French manicure can add charm to this beauty.

For short nails, it is recommended to use heavenly shades of blue or dark tones in combination with light ones. Sea and sky, spring flowers and bright summer floral compositions, wonderful blue eyes and delicious blue fruits, night landscapes and even space - all these ideas can appear on your hands. Modern blue nail design has gained popularity thanks to the demand for denim style, in which blue shades are the main ones. Thanks to its many nuances, the blue manicure suits both fair-skinned ladies and women with a darker complexion.

The blue color in the manicure is also successfully combined with coral nail designs 2022. Here it is important to determine the main color, if you choose coral then complement it with blue as an accent on 1 or 2 nails. If you choose blue for the main color, apply a few zigzag lines with a coral color and 1 accent crystal. These manicure ideas will make your nails unique.

Enjoy the following 101 Gentle Ideas for Blue Nails - Extravaganza on Nails.