Video Tutorials: 15 Modern Painted Nail Designs


Painted nails always create a mood and attract the eyes of others to the hands. In this article, you will see interesting suggestions on how you can diversify your manicure through the drawing. If you are a beginner, you can choose an easier idea or watch the video lessons and step by step try to recreate the drawing on your nails. If you are a professional everything is easy, you just have to grab the idea.

We offer you several video tutorials on how to beautify your nails with an interesting and attractive drawing. Don't forget to look at the small details, sometimes they are the most important. Also take a look at the photo gallery in which we have selected interesting and modern ideas for nail design with drawings. Choose the idea that suits you best and be irresistible.

Cute nail designs can be obtained with painted animals, cats, puppies, animated characters and more. This kind of manicure design is very attractive, different and interesting, unfortunately not all of us have the gift of drawing. sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable manicurist who can create this incredible beauty on the nails. Therefore, various materials come to the rescue, such as decals, stamps, stickers, which can somewhat replace the drawing, but not completely.

Fall nail trends for 2022 will also be designs with drawings. For example, a manicure can be created with drawings of autumn leaves, umbrellas, acorns, hedgehogs and others. Fall 2022 colors in nail design are darker and pastel - burgundy, dark green, khaki, marsala, red, dark yellow, ocher.

In this article we want to show you magnificent creations that are created by the amazing masters on the canvas called nail. Enjoy them!