Fall Nail Trends 2022 - Top 10 Modern Nail Designs and Colors


Gray rainy days - all this is familiar to each of us in the autumn, when the only thing you want is to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, sit by the fireplace and drink tea.

In order not to lose heart in the fall, to recharge with positive emotions and give a good mood not only to yourself, but also to those around you, there are little tricks, such as an amazing autumn manicure. The styles of autumn nail art design 2022-2023 will be presented by already familiar techniques, such as French manicure for autumn, chic ombre, excellent stamping design.

Each season traditionally dictates its own trends and fashion rules to us, which we want to observe so unconditionally in order to be in trend. Young ladies have a special love and passion for manicure, nail design and all kinds of nail art.

With the advent of autumn, I want something soothing, charming and unusual in nail design, especially after a bright and unusual summer. And before going to the nail master, each lady thinks about what kind of autumn design to create this time

The motifs and trends of modern nail design are changeable and do not stand still. Professionals tirelessly create new and fresh techniques for nail art, combining different palettes and colors. We already wrote about nail trends 2023, now it's time to see fall nail trends 2022. What colors are trendy and what are the best nail designs this fall. In today's article, we will offer you TOP 10 colors and TOP 10 nail design techniques for fall 2022.

Modern warm shades will decorate the nails of modern women this fall. These colors are characterized by softness, nobility and depth. The directions of nail art for autumn are certainly the choice of a warm range of shades, characterized by softness, nobility and depth. The current manicure for the fall of 2022 can repeat all the shades of this season in nature.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves always return to us in early September. And how without them? The trend is classic maple, small aspen and just spots imitating multi-colored foliage. The execution can be anything - with the help of sliders, stickers, stamping, painting. Unleash your creativity!

Wine color for autumn nail design 2022

Another trend that comes back to us every year. Wine is generally a favorite of fashion designers in recent years, which has also influenced its popularity in manicure. Saturated burgundy can act as a monochromatic coating, or in combination with the same leaves.

Hue of pumpkin

Autumn is a harvest season not only in the garden, but also in manicure! The hue of spicy pumpkin came into fashion last year in the summer, but was introduced in a mango version, and in 2022 it gained more saturation and became calmer. A very warm and juicy shade that can be combined with olive, nagative space, nude.


Another traditional trend of autumn: chocolate is a rich dark color, deep and beautiful. Pairs well with white and gold.

Cocoa Color

A more "complex" color for a modern "chocolate" incarnation. The brown-pink shade of cocoa conquered the entire beauty industry last fall, and now it's time for the second wave of the fashion peak.


The deep color of wet asphalt - that's what will be relevant in the fall! A hint of autumn rains? No, a sign that you are in trend! Graceful noble gray will make any look sophisticated.

Bright monochrome

September is no reason to give up on bright colors if you love them! In addition, from those that are relevant in every season. Bright blue, red, pink, white or green solid manicure - suitable for every month of the year.


The global trend of recent seasons is foxes. They are a frequent element of tattoos, design drawings, installations. It is not surprising that they migrated to manicure. Any foxes are in fashion - graphic, realistic, abstract. A bright red accent will look especially good on a white background.

Gentle nude

We fully understand those girls who never cheat on a nude. This is the basic classic color, a win-win and elegant option anytime, anywhere. And an absolute trend in all seasons.


Pieces of foil are at the peak of popularity in autumn - firstly, because of the golden color, and secondly, because of their similarity with leaves. Each work with this material is invariably beautiful!

Fall Nail Trends 2022 - Top 10 Modern Nail Designs and Colors