Video Tutorials: 10+ Nail Designs for the End of Summer

 And indeed - so many shades used at once definitely radiate positivity, something joyful and... summery. That's probably how the long, warm summer days work. The combination of colors in the multi-colored manicure can be chosen according to different criteria. For example, if you play with the same color, but in different tones, you will get a unique summer design. Another combination is if you varnish each next nail a tone darker than the previous one, you can use a smooth transition from color to color - from white to sky blue, then to bright blue and finish with deep blue.

But... unfortunately, this beautiful season is coming to an end. At the end of summer, we want our nails to be decorated for the last time again in themed designs or colors that reflect the beauty of this season. A must-have nail design at the end of summer are butterflies, they symbolize beauty, warmth and carefreeness. Check out the video tutorial for some butterfly nail designs. Blue nail ideas are also ultra-trendy for late summer. Whether you choose a monochrome manicure with dark blue nails or delicate light blue nail designs, you will be irresistible. Coral nail designs 2022 have been very popular this summer, why not continue with them as last time. Coral nail design can be in many different shades. It is a color that goes perfectly with white, black, dark blue or turquoise.

Watch the following video in detail and carefully examine each element in detail to create the ultimate summer nail design and become the Princess of 2022