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    • 77 ideas for Blue Nail Art Designs

      The color scheme of blue is very large - it can be deep royal, light cornflower blue, deep cobalt, pale moon, ultramarine, azure or electric blue. Dark, deep tones will suit the owners of fair skin, while the nails of darker ladies should be decorated with lighter, diluted shades. The shape of the nail for a blue manicure is preferably oval or square, and the length is average. However, blue manicure will perfectly decorate even the shortest nails. The main thing is to correctly choose the decorative elements that visually lengthen or expand the nail plate. [...]

    • Top ideas for colorful French manicure - trendy nails

      The colorful French manicure is suitable for both short and long nails. Short nails in the shape of a square or a soft square, complemented by a colorful French manicure, perfectly fit into everyday life. For wider and shorter nails, nude and pastel tones are suitable, as a neutral base with a colorful bright background of the smile, which can also have an ombre effect. The smile line should be narrow in order to visually lengthen the nails. [...]

    • For beginners - easy ideas for manicure dots

      You need two or two things, a point tool, if you don't have one, you can use a toothpick and a dose of imagination. To make a modern and different manicure with the help of painted dots, you do not need to have any skills, you just need to observe the distance and the correct proportions to the surface of the nail plate

    • 77 Best Nail Art ideas for short nails - modern designs

      Manicure for short nails can emphasize the beauty of delicate hands and the femininity of the entire image of any lady, so short length should not be treated as a disadvantage. Today there are many manicure techniques that are designed for short nails. Among them there are gentle and elegant options for romantic natures, bright and catchy solutions for scandalous lovers, restrained and laconic for office ladies.

    • 66 neon manicure ideas

      Owners of short nails are offered a large selection of nail designs in neon manicure. For spring, choose better delicate colors, while decorating a few nails with a neon design. Rhinestones will look great in such a manicure. In the summer, cover the entire plate of marigolds with bright, flashy colors, such as: red, pink, blue and acid shades. A manicure will look summery and fun if it is complemented with a design in the form of a gradient or safari patterns. Mint color in neon manicure, covered with a matte texture, looks fresh and light on the nails. In the autumn period, give preference to warm colors, such as: khaki, gold, yellow with thematic autumn

    Official Nail Design

    Official Nail Design

    Every woman wants to be a bride. Little girls dream of a white dress, like a princess and a beautiful white veil. When you decide on this important step in your life, it is natural to want to be impressive and perfect, you will still be the center of attention. Absolutely all the details are important in the bride's look, even the very small ones that we may not pay attention to in everyday life. The preparations for this day are filled with pleasant feelings and emotions. When the dress, shoes, bag, hairstyle, accessories are chosen, it is time for a manicure.